Below is an index to all Peach Software Resources that we have on our Web Site

This list is not in any particular order and certainly not presented in a Web page format but it does include a link to all our education material. We will add any new articles to this as well as them being positioned in the appropriate area of the web site. You can also use the search area in this web site with a key word.

Starting Peach V12 – Signing in, Using the Test Area and opening Prior Months

My Menu – Customise your desktop

Quick Start Guide to Peach V12

Product Browse – View & Edit Products, Customers or Suppliers in a Grid

Kitting – Assemble Components into a Kit 

Product Alternates and Supersessions – Alternate Suppliers, Parts & Supersessions

Pricing for Products and Customers – You to manage cost updates, set customer pricing and Markup/GP% Calculator

Importing Data – Importing Product, Customer, Alternates, Supplier and Price Update Data into Peach Software 

Customer Automated Contract Pricing – Peach Software has many ways to achieve the most flexible pricing for each customer or group of customers.

Bulk Email Invoices – Just select 1 or many customers and the date range. Click send, it’s really that simple

Email Account Reminders – Wind in your Debtors with this very quick Feature

Email and/or Print Statements – Save Stamps, Envelopes, time and spit

Branches and Consignment Areas – Warehouses, Branches, Sales Vans or Consignment Customer

Operator Locations – Setting a Peach Operator to the correct Area 

Branch Transfers – Moving stock between branches or locations 

Branch TRansfers – Video Tutorial

Import / Export Data – Easily Export Data to Manipulate and Re-Import or Importing Supplier Price Files

Paperless Warehousing – Use our PDA Application to Receipt, Stocktake, Store, Pick and Move Goods around your warehouse.

Trade Connect – Connecting You and Your Account Customers for efficiency and Cataloguing

Accounts Receivable – Making applying Customer Payments easy and flexible

Watch our New Invoicing Video for Tips and Tricks

Send customised CSV Files with Customer and Supplier Orders

Check out Product Notes & Paperclip  From Product, Customer and Supplier Control Screens

Receive and keep track of Supplier Consignment Stock with the new Supplier Consignment Screen 

Product Serial and Batch Numbers now available in Peach Software.

Use Barcode Scanning to Sell, Receive and Stock Take products

Step by Step Supplier Payments including Discounts and Correcting Errors

Customer and Supplier Contacts and Marketing – Introducing the beginnings of Peach Software CRM Features

Point of Sale screen introduction – Have a look around the Peach Software Point of Sale Screen

Point of Sales Screen – One screen for Quotes, Customer Orders, Cash Sales, Account Sales and Credits

Lay-Buy Deposits – How to do a Lay-buy in Peach Software

Goods In – Ordering and Receiving/Booking Goods into Peach Software

Back Ups – Backing up Your data can be done from anywhere and is Encrypted by Default.

Generating Reorder Levels – Save hours by generating Reorder levels with an unlimited combinations of stored algorithms.

Re-Ordering – Generate Supplier Orders from Min/Max, Customer Orders, Replace Sales etc 

Import Goods In – Recall your Supplier order, enter the exchange Rate and local charges and Peach will calculate your landed prices

Import Goods in Transit from Manifest – Transfer goods from Multiple Supplier orders onto one Goods In from a shipping Manifest 

Trading Summary Screen – This is your Live Window to your Money making machine

Peach Report Filtering – Peach Reports are more flexible than ever before

Custom Reports – Create your own report from scratch or by using system reports as templates 

PackSize Conversion – Buy and Sell in different Qty’s and Create Economical reorder levels

Oscar from Auto Info – Now Oscar is available right there inside Peach Software

Percentage Price Change – Update Costs, Sell, Promotional or Future Pricing across all or some of your products

If you are wondering what else Peach Can do – Here is a List and you just have to call and ask 02 9672 6466

Keeping Track of Lost Sales – How to record the ones that get away

Product Packing Screen – Inner & Outer Barcodes – Carton and Pallet Qtys – Product Specifications and more…

General Ledger has arrived to V12 – Check it out here…

Customer Special Price Report – Save hours of work providing customers with Price Lists

Core Deposits – Peach will Automatically charge a Deposit on a part when the Core Item needs to be returned.

Moving Customer and Supplier Contacts to the new Contacts and Marketing Screens- CRM & Email Marketing

Most systems have the option of tracking 30, 60 or 90 days, but Peach Software goes much further with Debtor Credit Control