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Bank Feed Match off

So often you find an amount in your bank that you cannot identify. The drawer is un familiar and who knows which invoice it belongs too. So there is is a way to find the matching invoice easily. Bank feeds are great but if you commonly receive one payment for many invoices, then it’s not really going to save you any time. In fact it may try and match to an incorrect debtor, in which case you’ll need to correct it in any case.

Peach Software streamlines the Month End Statement Run.

You can filter your Statement Run by Customers Area, Terms or Report Code to send all or just some statements as required Daily, Weekly or Monthly. If some customers prefer printed and Mailed statements then no problem, just set the customers preference in customer control and when you do the run it will email or print the statements accordingly in the one quick action. Check out the video below.

Peach Software Bulk Email Utility

This is a rapid method of emailing all or just unpaid Invoices in a given Date Range.

You can also email Invoices and or Attachments to One, Many or all Customers or simply a message

Sending Account reminders to a Target Audience

Filter by Invoice Age and Peach will target just your overdue customers, sending them account Reminders.

It only takes a couple of minutes to deploy a list of all overdue invoices. Select from a message template or copy and edit it to suit the occasion.


More Detail

Making Accounts Receivable Friendly and Flexible

This video demonstrates the various ways that customer payments can be applied including discounts, credits and Prepayments.

Accounts Payable made easy

Supplier Accounts can be paid One Supplier at a time or you can use Bulk Supplier Payment by Date Range. And if you are using Bulk Supplier payment then the result can produce an ABA (Internet Banking File) which can be imported into your online banking to send the transactions to the bank for processing.

  1. The Video below demonstrates Paying Suppliers Individually and includes Correcting errors, Applying Discounts, Disputed Invoices and Paying all invoices in a Period at once. For Paying Suppliers using Bulk Supplier Payment and creating an ABA file a new Video will be posted soon.

Traditionally an invoice due date is calculated from the end of the month it was created in. Most systems have the option of tracking 30, 60 or 90 days, but Peach Software goes much further. Here are some extra features available from Peach Software V12

1. Now you can customise credit terms for each customer.

a. Enter 40 into Customer Control “Days”- prompts a credit warning if there are unpaid invoices more than 40 days from the end of the month they belong too.
b. Enter 40D into Customer Control “Days”- prompts a credit warning if there are unpaid invoices more than 40 days from the unpaid invoices date.

2. Now you can Set the due date of an individual invoice on the fly. During the update process simply enter the date due or number of days.

a. In the invoice update screen enter 40 into “Days”- prompts a credit warning if this invoice is unpaid 40 days after the end of the month it belongs too.
b. In the invoice update screen enter 40D into “Days”- prompts a credit warning if this invoice is unpaid 40 days from the invoice date.

3. Set a Dollar value for each individual customer as a credit limit. Operators will be warned during transactions.

Check out this Video below

Bulk Pay Suppliers – Email Remittance advises – Create ABA Internet Banking File


Debtor Reports at your finger Tips

Although Peach Software has a full and comprehensive suite of reports, sometimes you just need to get the customer what they need quickly. So we have done just that and even added an email link, so you can send the report to the customer, even without opening it up. That’s Fast !