Whether you sell Tyres or Tiles, Perfume or Parts, keep the sales and enquiries coming 24/7 from your account customers. Great for companies trading across time zones or closed during weekend retail hours.

With Trade Connect your customers can see your products, check price and availability, place orders, even view their accounts and unpaid invoices. Check out the Tabs below for all the great functions we have added to Peach Online

Watch This Video – See POL in Action

The Specials Tab: this is the first screen your clients see with up to 8 Specials displayed. Update these specials Daily, Hourly or as often as you like. Great for Bulk buys of consumables or Extra Hot deals on tools & workshop equipment. Keeping these specials enticing will keep your customers coming back.

Express parts?

Is a list of products you customise for just One, or a Group of your customers. It may be new products you would like your customers to consider adding to their next purchase, products on Special right now, or even products you would like to promote to a buying group within your customer base. For your trade customers it could be a list of consumables targeted to customer groups e.g. Tape & Terminals to all of your Auto Electrical clients or Cable Ties and Containers to on or all of your Hardware Customers. Its a shopping list for your customer of 5 to 500 products put together by you.

How it Works

For a single customer, create a quotation for the customer with POL as the Order Number. When they log in next they will see the Express Parts list. To create this list for a group or section of you Customers, make a Pseudo customer, create the parts list in a quotation for that customer and then put the Pseudo customers CODE into the MktCode field of the target clients you want to serve that template too. You can do this as many times as you want.

Note: If the quote has pricing then that will appear in the list as is. If the express parts tab has no pricing then the express parts list will display each customers net price, according to their discount structure.

The Catalogue Tab: If you sell Auto Aftermarket parts and have a Subscription to OSCAR, then you can now extend OSCAR through Peach Online, right into their workshop. They can search for Parts and send them straight to the Checkout along with other products from the Specials, Express Parts or Product Tabs.

The Product Tab: Your customer can filter by your groups and subgroups or search using a part number or description. As an example – using description you could enter the words Tape & Nitto in any order.
This would display all Nitto Tape. Add RED to the search to filter further & this would display only 2 results from a product file of over 20,000 parts.

The Checkout Tab: All the parts added from the Catalogue, fast Parts or product tabs are assembled in the Checkout Tab. Simply enter an order reference & submit the order. Once submitted, the order is in your Peach system ready to invoice

The Accounts Tab: Here the customer can check their account status, view and reprint prior invoices and print a statement.

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Specials * Express Parts * Reorder Generator * Reprint invoices * Check Price and Availability

The cost of Online Ordering far outways the cost of not having it.