Branches or Consignment areas in Peach Software

Examples of Branch or Consignment areas are Warehouses in Other areas used to distribute your Products from. Stock held by sales people in their Cars or vans for samples or to sell from, stock left with customers to sell to invoice later, or extra warehouses holding overflow stock.

Using this feature you can Transfer between, Invoice from or Purchase into any of these areas. Each area has it’s own Bin locations, Reorder Levels and Statistics and can even have their own Counter range for Transactions such as Purchase Orders and Invoice Numbers.

Setting up or adding consignment areas is very specialized so you will need to contact Peach Support to turn this feature on or add / delete areas

The following Video demonstrates a Branch transfer with some Explanation…

As there are several scenarios for Consignment Areas some different settings may be required. Below are some variations… In the images below

Re the image above…

Area can be 6 Characters long and should not be changed once transactions have been made from that area

Only areas which you will be doing transactions from require transaction counters

The Transit area accounts for stock which is between areas during transfers

When transactions are posted to the General Ledger they can have a suffix attached to post the transaction to a Child/Sub account

When a User is created, The Local Warehouse area selection in the Setup Users screen determines the default area for the user. All Sales & Purchase transactions, Stock Levels, bin locations etc default to that area. This area can be changed by the admin user. When a user is set to an area the admin has the option of locking them to that area or allowing them to switch areas as and if required. Admin can also limit their view to only customers belonging to the same area.

Transferring products from one branch to another can be done in one easy transaction. You also have the option of a more detailed 3 step process process. Order From Warehouse B to warehouse A, Transfer from Warehouse A to In Transit area, Receipt from Transit Area into Warehouse B.

Customer Consignment Stock

If you want to give your customer stock on consignment then its very simple using Peach V12. After a quick setup from Peach Support, Managing your Customer Consignment areas is simple. Once setup you can control and monitor your stock, always knowing where it is in case you need to transfer it back.