Booking and Installation. Our booking form can be downloaded from here in PDF Format, signed and returned. It's vitally important you are satisfied that Peach Software is suitable for your business prior to booking. If any additional functions features or reports are required then this should be discussed and agreed to in writing prior to the booking. If an extra Feature or report is required after the installation, we will almost always provide a suitable resolution, however we cannot be held responsible for this.

As installations require 3-5 days onsite & travel arrangements to be booked, we ask for a 25% deposit to secure your booking. Due to unforeseen circumstances we understand there can be delays or cancellations, in which case, the deposit can be refunded less expenses incurred to that point.

Payment Terms
Unless otherwise arranged and agreed in writing the invoice for installation, training & commissioning including all expenses is payable within 7 days of commissioning. The meaning of commissioning is that Peach Software is being used on a daily basis.

Commissioning of your site
It is usual for some loose ends to be attended to following an installation, this is common & done remotely. This may include but is not limited to the completion of imported history, formatting of printed reports and invoices etc. Once we leave your site we never consider the job over, just operational.

Should you prefer to use finance to pay for the software we can recommend CSS Computer Finance. The application form can be downloaded here. Simply fill in the application and fax it directly off to them. We will need confirmation from CSS that your application has been accepted prior to securing the booking.

Peach Support is a free service to licensed users of Peach Software. Support is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday AEST. We are closed for NSW Public holidays. If you need assistance outside these hours, please call the office and you will be provided with an after hours emergency number. This will be the mobile number of a senior staff person but is for emergencies only e.g. if you are unable to trade. For problems that are non critical please call during business hours. You may leave a message of course however we may not respond until the next business day depending on work load.

Hardware problems – We encourage you to purchase your hardware from a local trader who provides on site support. If you are having problems with printers, computers, networks, internet, routers etc, you are welcome to call us. We can make some suggestions that may resolve the problem however since we are remote, we are limited in most cases to supporting & resolving hardware problems.

Support encompasses teaching & supporting licensed users to use the software as and when they request it, this relates to learning new features, Recording and passing to the developers new requests or possible bugs, and problem solving when the outcome of a software related routine is not as expected. While we love to improve our product, not all requests for changes or features can be accepted. We hope you understand.

Peach is not an accounting firm, bookkeeping firm or business advisor. Our support is sometimes limited by this in certain areas such as the General Ledger where you may need professional accounting advise. When clients create recurring errors and require our support people to resolve them we will charge for this service. If clients use a non standard chart of accounts Peach Software will not be able to provide support for this module.

Peach Software Monthly Licensing is not for support but for a license to use the software. Peach Support is a free service to licensed users of Peach Software.

Data required to transfer of Parts, Debtors, Creditors and History…….

Product File – Entire file dump. Including PartCodes, Descriptions, Barcodes, OEM, product groups, Supplier Codes, Crossovers and Alternates, instkqty, all costs, sell prices & Groupings for pricing structures, Product Notes etc

Customer File entire dump. Including Delivery addresses, Billto Codes, Customer Notes, Discount structure flags, and Curr,30 ,60, 90, 120 and Total outstanding.

Supplier File entire dump. Including Invoice and Pick Up addresses, Notes, Supplier Code, name, Curr, 30, 60, 90, Total Outstanding

Customer transaction History: Invoice No, Date, Customer Code, Total.

Stock Transaction History: invoice No, PartNo, Date, Qty, Price, CustomerCode

Pricing Matrix details and net price / customer details

Unpaid Invoices: Invoice No, Supplier or Customer Code, Date, Unpaid Amount

**This covers most transfers but varies from system to system. There may be data required from other features such as automated pricing structures or branch details from the old Software system.

During the installation we will have covered many things with you, some you may forget. When you need help dont hesitate to call our help desk on 02 9672 6466. We can refresh your memory and even show you some more advanced features to drive your business further.

You should use the ZIP DATA utility from the Database & Option button in the start screen. Use two U.S.B. drives rotated daily for external copies. At the end of each month copy the database in an uncompressed format, to some type of permanent off site media. This can be organized by your IT person. Also don't forget to do an extra backup before performing any maintenance work, even we do this just incase.

Peach Software can provide an Automated Backup solution now on your behalf. Please click the Automated Backups tab below.

At the end of the last trading day of the month, you should follow the month end procedure. 1. Do a backup & copy to external media for storage 2. Log out all the workstations & Restart the Server 3. Generate Statistics 4. Run the Month end & Do another backup and close Peach. When you open Peach it will be set to the 1st of the new month. Now you are ready to trade. All statements and reports for the closed month can be run from the closed months data available from the business drop down box in the start screen.

Sometimes unexpected issues may arise soon after you start using Peach, this could be a result of many factors. Either way we will work with you to resolve these issues in a timely manner. Remember we are here to satisfy our clients and your understanding and patience will certainly be rewarded by peace of mind in the end.

Rarely a client realises that the software does not suit their business after all. Should this be the case we will refund the 25% deposit less our expenses including our time spent on site.

Transferring Licenses

The Peach Software license you have is tied to the business and not to the operator. Therefore if the business changes hands the license also changes hands. There is an administration cost of $500.00 to complete the necessary steps when a business ownership changes. This covers the cost of data work normally required to Zero accounts and make other changes for the new owners. It also covers the cost of installing & licensing a copy of Peach for the outgoing owner, so they can run down their debtors and creditors. The software will continue to work as usual as long as the license is paid up to date at the time the business changes hands and the new owner continues to pay the licensing in a timely manner.

If a business closes or decides to stop using Peach Software, the license expires with the business. The license cannot be sold or transferred to another business.

Administration or Accounting firms

If a temporary license is required during a period of administration or management, then a SAAS (Software as a Service) agreement can be entered into. This is available for a minimum of 3 months. No Setup or installation charge is payable. Without a license, Peach Software cannot be used. Please Contact Peach Software for pricing of our SAAS Model.

Choosing a new Server?

To avoid the Hangups organising and maintaining your own Server, check out our PEACH SOFTWARE HOSTING Partners

If you prefer to have Your own Physical Server, then you must employ the services of a qualified Hardware and systems administrator. We cannot assist in the setup and installation of Third Party Servers remotely, without the presence & co-operation of a qualified IT person on site. Peach Software does not sell or support hardware so it is important that you choose a reliable Hardware supplier who offers on site warranty and after-hours support. Matters such as printers, scanners and hardware configurations should all be referred to your local IT professional.

Hardware Specifications

Peach Software endeavours to provide clients with the best possible user experience. The following guidance is a result of years of experience. The information here is proven & strongly recommended. Should your local IT professional want to discuss this information then please have them email or call us directly.

Server Specifications

  • Windows 2016 Server Standard
  • >= 16 GB Ram
  • No other Software!


It is recommended that your network cabling and workstations are less than 5 Years old and windows based


Best Practice is 2 backup devices which are rotated daily, taking off site. A separate device for uncompressed Monthly Archiving. (Automated Cloud Backups Available upon request)


Laser Printers for reports, invoices, statements etc.

Receipt printer for Retail Sales with the capability to open a cash drawer. All printers should be USB or Ethernet. If you currently have Laser Printers and Docket Printers then please list them with model numbers etc. so that we can check for compatibility.NOTE: In Multi Branch scenarios Ethernet/IP printers should be used to ensure speed and stability.

Label Printing:

If you require Shelf, Carton or Product Labels, for this you will need a ZEBRA 2844 or GK420T thermal label printer. (Check Label type in case a ribbon printer is required) If you have a label printer currently then advise us the model & Brand so we can check suitability.

Barcode Scanners:

These can be used for many day to day processes. Your hardware supplier should be able to find these easily for you. If you have scanners already please locate the instructions in preparation for the Peach Technician in case they require any programming.

Remote Assistance and access:

Peach requires on demand access to the server and will set this up during the installation. Your server will need a permanent broadband internet connection for this purpose.

Network & Hardware setup:

Your hardware, Network, Printers and Internet connection should be set up and tested by a certified person prior to Peach Software starting the installation.

Branch Installations:

For Peach Version V12 no further setup is required

We convert the History & Data from your old Software to Peach Software as completely as possible, accuracy and thoroughness varies depending on the quality, quantity & Format of the data available from your old system. For this reason we urge you to reprint Transactions & Reports from the old system for information up until the day you started using Peach Business Software.

Debtor, Creditor & Stock will be balanced to your Old Software before you start using Peach. Reports will be printed off for your records.

If history is imported into Peach from your old system, it is only to be used as guidance and loose reference. The accuracy is not guaranteed. For this reason we urge you to continue to run your old system to retrieve critical information for a few months after Peach Software has been commissioned.

As you start using Peach you may discover reports & features you use to have don't appear are not available in Peach. This should have been covered during your due diligence, however may have been missed. This doesn't need to be a problem, we can either show similar reports & functions or a different way to achieve your objective. We may even consider adding a feature or report at our discretion.

General Ledger Setup requires closing balances to be entered via journals after the Trial balance, Stock, Debtors, Creditors & Bank rec are balanced in your previous software. Once opening balances are entered transactions till then can be re-integrated bringing the General Ledger up to date. We provide and support our standard charts of accounts. If you want to alter it's structure you will need to seek guidance and ongoing support from your accountant. Changing the chart of accounts may require some re coding of the transactions already entered, this will be chargeable

Remote Installation
These are available for smaller sites only. We encourage onsite installations and training to start with a positive and productive experience, but understand the costs are high for small remote businesses. In this case we offfer a data rehearsal, time to check and practice proceedures and data, and then a final Go live Migration.

Training Manual
Training for Peach Software is covered by our Training videos from our Web site & Training notes on our bulletin board. During the installation a Training Checklist will be used to make sure the basics are covered.

Ongoing Remote training
When you would like to learn a new feature or use a feature but your not sure how it works, simply Phone or email us and we can log onto your screen within a couple of minutes. This way you can learn at your convenience and concentrate on the subject of the moment.

Video Training
We are continuously producing more training videos for you to watch and learn from. These can be viewed at your convenience straight from your PC

Onsite Training
Is available at the time of installation or any time after. The cost for this is $970.00 per day plus travel and accomodation expenses. *Travel to and from a site forms part of the first and last day of our visit. *Minimum visitation fee is a full day

Some Companies will charge a very small license fee or sometimes none at all.

So what makes you think they will be around once you have purchased their software. And if the majority of their income is from new sales then where do you stand in the list of priorities.

By far Peach Softwares License Revenue is it’s main income and so the priority always remains with the existing clients and their needs. Read this article and se why your license fee will be the best investment you will make in your own business. Read More

Please see below a list of items to be covered in preparation

It’s vital that once the date for your move to Peach Software has been booked, Items such as Hardware, Standard Reports, Invoice Layouts etc are looked over in preparation. It will never be 100%, there will always be a few suprises but this list helps to identify potential roadblocks to a smooth transition.

Customer Pricing Matrix

Online Connectivity

Server Hardware

Workstation Hardware

Peripherals such as scanners, printers and PDA’s

Logos and Details for your new Invoice and Supplier Order Layouts

Picking slip Layouts

Branch Details where required

A copy of 5 commonly used Reports to ensure they can be replicated