You chose Peach-V9, for the features it had then, for some that was 30 Years ago.

And we have continued to add more features to cater for ever increasing Demands and Complexities of our clients businesses.

In contrast, our competitors are simply falling behind the Technology curve.

Given, their clients may have been paying less fees, but unlike Peach Software, their customers are now faced with the prospect of replacing their outdated application.

Understand, the real cost of change is so much more than just the New Software. It's also the cost of re-training your staff and Transferring data from your current Software.

While Version 9 is in better shape than ever, we are excited to be launching Peach Version 12.


So, do our Version 9 Clients have to Buy the V12 Software? NO!.

For a modest charge of $390.00 per license, and a slight increase to their monthly fee they get it all!

So your Peach Software, can still boast industry leading technology and functionality.

More than half of all license fees have been re invested in development

Making your license fee, one of the best investments you've made in your own business.

Many of Our customers have been with us for over 20 years

And their Software is even Better Than New, with extra Time & Money Saving features included at No extra cost.

Here are just some examples of the hundreds of features added over the last 20 years…

  • Automated Reorder Level Generation
  • Automated Product Category based on product performance
  • Multiple Branch, Consignment area and Bin Locations
  • Departmentalised General Ledger
  • Email Invoices and Statements
  • SMS Notifications straight from the software
  • Auto Update Preferred Supplier based on best Purchase Price
  • Serial Numbers on Part
  • Barcode Scanning in Stocktake Screen
  • Customer Specific Product Labels
  • Scan Goods In via Barcode
  • Bulk Email Invoices
  • Generate Bank ABA files and Bulk Pay Suppliers
  • Generate Customer Orders from Backorders after Goods In
  • Customer Reward Loyalty Points
  • Hundreds of additional Reports
  • More….More….More…..

How do you put a Value on License fees?

1. Barcode scanning is available at Goods Receiving, Point of Sale and Stocktake Entry making these functions fast and accurate even for the novice. If Peach Software saves just one of your staff 5 mins from every Hour, that relates to $420.00 /Month per employee.

2. Automated sales Pricing, Granular Customer Pricing Structures and Supplier Price Checking can achieve at least a 1% increase in Profit. For every $100,000 you're Business Turns over, a 1% Profit Increase or Saving relates to $10,000.00 in the Bank.

3. Do you have Money Tied up in Dead Stock? Automated Reordering can Reduce Stock you don't sell, Replace it with stock you do sell and avoid losing sales from nil stocks. More stock turns = More Cash Flow, More profitability and more Saleable Lines.