Peach doesn’t just build Great Software, we build Communities and Connections

What is the Peach Connect Community?

 Peach Software services hundreds of Retailers and Wholesalers within the Auto Parts Aftermarket sector. Peach Connect allows them to electronically share, distribute and exchange Inventory information and transactions. 

Why Retailers love Peach Connect?

Without leaving their Peach POS application they can….
Check their supplier’s price and availability during a Quote, Order or Sale.   Supplied Order screens before click and after click
Update their product file Costs with a few keystrokes. Supplied Update screen before click and after click
Update their Purchase Order screen with supplier price and availability before placing an order. Supplied Purchase screen before click and after click
Submit Purchase Orders online from within their POS system.  Supplied POS screen and feedback screen before and after click
Electronically download invoices from their suppliers for single touch receiving.  Supplied Good inwards screen before and after click

Why Wholesalers love Peach Connect?

Orders are received electronically avoiding errors and delays.
New Product ranges are distributed automatically to their client inventory systems.
Price File updates are distributed automatically.
Having this reciprocal exchange of data attracts more business.

Businesses without Peach POS or WMS Software

Retailers without Peach?

There are hundreds of Retailers who are Independent, Corporate, Privately or Company owned who enjoy part of this community already through Peach Online, an extension of our Peach Connect community. So, our wholesale clients enjoy the benefit from most Auto Parts Retailers around Australia regardless of their POS software.

Wholesalers outside the Peach Connect Community?

We have solutions for you too through integration.

Wholesalers, Watch this !

Retailers, Watch this !

I would like to determine which supplier offers the best price and availability.

From Product Control, or any transaction screen, I can call up any product from my Active Product or Reference (Suppliers) file, and instantly hit my Supplier Connect icon. Any Peach Suppliers who I have a Peach Online Login with, that have a product matching my part or one of its alternates in the F7 Area of my product control, will appear. I can select and compare each of my suppliers to determine my best price and delivery options.

I want to Order a product for Stock or a Customer but want to check the Image

Once you have selected a product and hit the Supplier Connect Icon, where the available suppliers have an image, both your and their images will appear in this screen. Based on permissions from the supplier you can transfer this image to your own product file for future referencing.

I am generating a Supplier Order and would like to know before I update it if the stock is available and what the current buy price is.

Once you have generated or typed the Supplier Order simply click the Check P&A icon and your screen will highlight shortages from the supplier and price changes. You may decide to change the order based on this feedback or even change the supplier and check the price and availability once again. Before sending the order off you’ll have a good idea of the supply rate and any cost changes. You could also check individual lines on your order to see images and compare prices with other available suppliers.

Once finalised the Supplier Order can now be submitted online directly from the update screen at which time you will receive a Picking slip number you can refer to.

I’ve just received a delivery which has been checked in by my staff as a delivery Docket. I have retrieved the Delivery Docket into my Goods in screen to finalise it, but the Totals don’t match, meaning I must check off Qty and Price line by line.

Once you have recalled the Supplier Order into your Goods in screen, Enter the Suppliers invoice Number from the paperwork and click Load invoice. The Price and Qty will be populated from the supplier’s invoice in their system. At this stage you can update without doubt about details matching. If a Supplied Qty or price discrepancy occurs a Goods in Report will be triggered so you can check variances and action price changes or Credit Requests.

In the event you have rung through an order and not generated it in Peach Software, the invoice from the supplier can still be downloaded into the Goods in screen once the supplier is loaded and the suppliers invoice number entered.

Supplier Product details and Qty Price Breaks

Simply load the part and hit the supplier connect icon to see the suppliers notes, specification & Qty Pricing.


Online Update of Supplier Product & Pricing files

Trade Connect to search your active File, reference file and through to your Suppliers stock file

Load a Part with details and Cost directly from your Suppliers Product File