Peach Software in your Pocket

And Now Peach Mobile Advanced

Peach Mobile ready and waiting…

As a Sales Representative or Business Owner, if you don’t have the information at your finger tips, you look a little old fashion. Answering Account, Pricing & Availability Questions, Finding the contact Name and Business Address on the fly, or even Placing an order is seamless with Peach Mobile.

Peach Mobile Standard

$10 / Month per user


Customer, Supplier & Product Control

Customer & Supplier Ordering

Peach Mobile Advanced

$30 / Month per user

Includes Standard Features plus…

Proof of Delivery, Invoicing

Branch transfer & Trading Summary

NOTE: The charges above are for adding the Peach Mobility features to existing Peach Users

Product Control

Search with Description or Part Number – Displays Picture – Availability – Product Categories and Groups – Re-order Levels – Notes – Sales Graphs and more…

Product Alternates

Yes, do a search for Products in any screen and you will have the option of choosing the primary or alternate matches.

Customer Control

Search Customers – View Contacts and Address – Flick to GPS – Customer Notes – Sales Graph – Trends – Reports and more…

Consignment Areas & Branches

Yes Peach Mobile has all the same logic as V12 in regards to Consignment Areas and Branches. It even adheres to user permissions from the V12 User Menu

Supplier Control

Search Suppliers – View Contacts and Address – Flick to GPS – Supplier Notes – Purchase Graphs – Trends – Reports and more…

Take an Order

Load up the customer and simply start adding products to the Cart. Peach Mobile displays Item Prices, Line Totals and Invoice Total. While in the order you can revert to Customer or product Details without losing the order information. Once the order is submitted your Confirmation displays and onto the next sale. You can even enter special pricing on the fly.