By now you should have received a User Name and Password. Check out this video to explain your options when starting the software.

Peach Software V12 Is Easy and Convenient to Navigate. Almost everything you need is just a couple of clicks away. This video gives you a quick preview of moving between screens

Many of our clients prefer to use shortcut keys instead of the mouse. Remember You can use the Mouse, Touch Screen or the following Shortcut Keys

Point of Sale Screen     ALT + Z         Goods In      ALT + G                         Credit Note Entry      ALT + N

Product Control        ALT + P             Customer Receipts     ALT + R          Batch Supplier Invoice      ALT + M

Customer Control       ALT + C           Transfer invoice       ALT + Y

Supplier Control       ALT = S              Reference File          ALT + F

Invoice Screen        ALT + I                 Supplier Payments         ALT + H

Customer Orders       ALT + O            Kit Control                 ALT + K

Supplier Orders        ALT + U              Supplier RFC            ALT + L

Peach Software V12 simplifies your Printer Setup. If you do nothing, Peach will use your default printer for all documents. Watch this video to learn how to change Printers for selected document and Report types.

Reasons for Change

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