Peach is Barcode ready and you can use it virtually anywhere.

Point Of Sale, Goods In, Stocktake Entry, Invoicing, and if you scan a product into Peach that it doesn’t recognize it simply asks you to identify the part and then next time it knows. Now that’s Smart! When you receive goods from suppliers and you want to scan the goods in like at your local supermarket checkout, Peach will scan through the order you placed and enter the Qty for you. This way the person not only does not need parts knowledge but does not need to search for the product on the screen, Peach makes it easy!

This compact unit is ideal for Shops and smaller Mobile businesses. Still tough with water resistant and drop ratings

$2,350.00 (Includes server side and device side Application)

For BYO Device

Server Side Integration $750.00
Device Side Application$250.00 per device

Barcode Scanning

By employing Software capable of complete Barcode Scanning features, you can speed up most processes in your organisation while increasing accuracy at the same time.

Once you have Peach Software, every action in your entire operation can take advantage of this. Scan products to Reorder, Change Location, Print Labels, Identify alternate locations, check and edit product details. The system will even identify where a part has been superseded.  This is so clever and well worth the investment.

Paperless Warehousing

Paperless Warehousing is a fully integrated Wireless suite of applications for these compact robust devices. They are drop resistant and water resistant & have an integral barcode scanner. They adhere to the latest Router wireless security rules and can operate on WiFi or SIM (We recommend the Telstra wireless Network). If you have multiple branches thats no problem just by changing one setting your system can allow for that. Click the links at the left to see details on each application…..

Pack – Customer Orders with Speed and the Accuracy of barcodes

Once customer orders are received or inputted to Peach by an operator, the warehouse staff can recall them in a list of items to be packed. these can be prioritised by the person keying the order as well so the urgent orders can be dispatched as required. Once an Order is retrieved on the hand held device the operator will be guided around the warehouse by Bin location. Simply scan the items into the basket and move on. An exceptions report is available after the picking is finished for double checking.

Stocktake – Products on the fly without isolating stock or any paperwork

Without Paperwork or preparation, Paperless Warehousing makes stock counting Fast, Accurate and enjoyable, thus encouraging staff to conduct more rolling stocktakes meaning your stock will remain accurate. Simply scan n items barcode and the screen will display the Product Code, Description and more. Simply check and update the count and move on knowing the stocktake entry has been done instantly. Dont shut your shop and miss thousands of dollars just to count stock.

Move – Stock from one Bin location to Another within your warehouse..

If you carry stock in more than one location in your business the PDA can instantly inform you as to where the stock is. Simply scan the item and click move and then scan the new location and viola, it’s done. You have successfully moved stock from perhaps was a bulk area to a retail area. Remember using the barcode to move, receipt or pick stock will bring an end to the dreaded mistaken Item code and avoid customer frustration when they get their delivery.

Receive – Stock into the warehouse using the scanner to increase accuracy and speed

When receiving deliveries, Paperless warehousing means no delay and no mistakes. Normally you would have to unpack and organise the stock into piles so you could check against the Suppliers Delivery Docket, and even then if the person checking in the stock isn’t experienced then part numbers can be mixed up causing confusion and more delays. With Paperless Warehousing simply scan items as they come from the carton and the PDA will sort it all out for you. Fast and Simple.