Read what some of our Customers are Saying about Peach Software

Jake from Northside Fasteners

  • Changing to Peach was very fast, smooth and pain-free – most changeovers I have been a part of have taken up to and longer than a week.
  • Processing our sales over the counter have halved in time.
  • Making changes to products has gone from a nightmare to a dream.
  • Purchasing is actually exciting to do now with multiple and very functional options for re-ordering.
  • I have noticed it gets updated regularly which is great.
  • Support has been outstanding, very efficient and friendly.
  • We do have a complex inventory which Peach can handle with ease, it looks like we can also make it a little more complex with a few of Peach’s extra functions which is great for our very particular & picky customers.
  • There are a lot of videos to help with day to day functions which is fantastic, I have not seen other software which offers such great tutorials.
  • Bulk changing data is very simple and effective.
  • One of my favourite functions so far is that you can save pricing automatically to a customer for their previous 3 months of sales.
  • Another is that you can bulk upload new products with ease, this is so handy for our industry as there are new products coming out weekly.
  • I cannot wait to learn more and to use this software to its full potential!

Anthony from AG Spares Deniliquin

“Peach Business Software suits all our needs perfectly, is easy to use and the technical team made the transition from our existing software provider to Peach Business Software seamless. Highly recommend!”

Tony from Metfasteners says..

Everything is fantastic, The support staff are terrific..
I love the tutorials and have been able to semi retire now because of your Software. The remote capabilities & detailed reports are ground breaking.
The 4 Decimal Point pricing Peach added for me really did the the trick and Peach Online will be the next step.

Rodney from JGR Industrial says…

“We have been running Peach Software since May and found the company to be very professional. Our business has been streamlined by the efficient transaction screens, which are fast and informative. Some of the features which benefit our business are Kitting, Alternate Parts, Suppliers and Super Sessions, which are well thought out and easy to navigate. Peach are always updating the software, adding new features, and their support staff are always happy to help. We quickly felt comfortable using peach Software and would recommend it to any business, especially with complex inventory”

Dean from Independent Bearings and Spares Pty Ltd

“The staff at Peach Software are very Professional and their support desk is always happy to help. Peach has simplified our processes and saved money and time. I’d recommend Peach Software to anyone with Complex inventory and after using Peach Software for just a few weeks, we felt very comfortable.

The transition to Peach Software from our previous software was very fast & professional”

Dave from Mega Parts – AutoOne Warners Bay N.S.W.

“We are a fairly large (30 employees) independent retail and trade/wholesale based business operating in Newcastle, that also operates a workshop. We had been using the Reynolds ERP system for approx 23 years and were cautious about changing to another system. I had Peach experience from some years ago and it was our preference. We worked with Peach over several months to ensure that everything was in place for a smooth transfer. That was almost 3 years ago.

Major points to consider were:

  • We had a large inventory database was 65,000+ with 21,000+ SKU’s across a diverse automotive base
  • Our pricing matrix was extremely complicated, over 50 price levels, 90 product groups and special net pricing as well
  • Our trade phone room takes over 1000 phone calls per day & process over 400 sales transactions
  • We move approx 60,000 plus parts in and out of our warehouse per month
  • Customer base of over 400 accounts for statement process
  • Staff were knowledgeable in Reynolds and new ERP needs to intuitive and easy to learn, to maintain productivity
  • Comprehensive standard reporting and user generated reports a must
  • Ability to manage bulk changes and uploads of supplier parts and pricing
  • An evolving system which adapts to progressive changes in the business
  • Pick slip generation and invoicing efficiency
  • Consignment stock management ability

All of the above were more than satisfied. The pricing matrix works like a dream and supplier ordering is fast and efficient.

The actual transition, which was our major concern, went seamlessly and we didn’t lose a minutes trading. Since then, I can directly attest to the productivity gains we have made with Peach, which through efficiencies have led to growth in sales, without the need to significantly increase costs, which of course delivers increased net profits”

Kord from L Wilson & Co says..

“Wilson & Co have been using Peach Software for over 20 Years. We have enjoyed a positive and professional relationship. Recently Peach Software released an entirely new Version, which has the reliability and features of the previous version but utilising the very latest technologies. The transition to the new V12 version was smooth, fast and seamless. Some of the outstanding features we utilise are Kitting, Supplier and Product Alternates and the Bulk emailing features. Also being able to filter and bulk edit information saves many hours of work. The new reporting module in Peach Software allows us to keep up with our customers modern needs. We would recommend Peach Software to other Businesses with Complex Inventory and Pricing Structures”

Ben Parsons from Mocare Australia

Dear Peach Software – I’ve taken on a new role and my last day at Mocare is today
I Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Peach support staff who have assisted me over the years. You have always gone above and beyond and really show the importance of local support staff in a competitive business environment. I wish you and your families all the best in the future!

Kind regards,

Ben Parsons | Graphic Design / Systems Admin | Mocare Australia

Mick from Autopro Gunnedah

Hi Rob , its Mick Brady from Autopro Gunnedah, just want you to know what an amazing Support Team you have !  You would already know this, I am sure !

I’ve not long ago gone thru the Bigpond email verification and been fine , all emailed invoices etc been fine since we did it !

Today at 5.45 pm I tried my first email Statement, and it failed yet a Quick msg to Afterhours Support and they stepped me thru checking settings. They had me sorted in no time.

I am so grateful to you and your company for having great support people. You set me up on Peach some 16 or 18 years ago and I Just wanted you to know.

Have a great Christmas to you and your family.

Kindest Regards Mick