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A little History – Where we come from

I liked the software so much, I bought the company

Why Inventory Management Software.

Why Struggle with off the shelf generic software such as MYOB, Xero or Quick Books to manage your inventory, when for as little as $98 / Month you could have Software which specialises in this area. Peach Software is an Enterprise Software short of Payroll. It does everything from Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, MRP, Emailing, CRM and more. When MYOB isn’t minding Your business, Xero isn’t really Zeroing in on your Needs, or Quick Books isn’t so quick any more, have a serious look at Peach Software. We are Australian, and have been around for over 35 Years. You don’t survive that long in this business if your product doesn’t keep up. We not only just keep up, we are out front. You may not have heard of us as we are concentrated in the Niche market of Automotive Parts, but don’t discount us! By finding this product you have struck gold. I’m Rob, the CEO, call me for an obligation free Trial. We can transfer all your data from those more generic packages and have you up and running in less that 24 hours. Call now 02 9672 6466. I saw Peach Software over 20 years ago and now I own the company, why? cause I was an Importer / Wholesaler and I loved the product.


Automate all your Retail, Trade, Special Net and Promotional pricing

Peach Software saves you hours by automating your selling prices, rather than working out the price on each invoice and can save a great deal of customer frustration. Pricing can be established using Product Groups and Sub Groups, Mark-up Matrixes, Discount Matrixes, Qty Pricing, Start and Finish Dates and even promotions running in a date range by Customer Group.

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Alternate Suppliers

One Product “Part Number” available from Multiple Suppliers – Example: Cable Ties where typically, Customers don't define a Brand or Quality, and costs are similar.

Peach Inventory Software allows you to have Multiple Barcodes, Part No's, Suppliers, Cost & lead times for each alternate Supplier. During a search or sale, Peach will replace any of these alternates with your Part Number. Supplier orders will substitute the Primary Part number with the appropriate Suppliers part number and the agreed purchase price for that supplier.

Alternate Products

Multiple Products “Part Numbers” with a Common Application. – Example Disc Pads where the customer may define by Brand or Performance and costs can vary dramatically.

Peach Inventory Software can record unlimited Alternatives otherwise known as crossovers, against any Product, so during a search or sale, Alternatives can be Viewed and substituted.

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Kitting in Peach Inventory Management Software is a powerful and flexible tool which brings components together to form what we refer to as a Kit.

There is no limit to the number or Qty of Contents. Kits can be Pre-Built and stocked or built on the fly during a transaction. They can be Sold or received and the components can be gathered together or exploded back into stock. New features include the ability to customise a saved kit during the sales process according to individual customer requirements. Other options include the flexibility to Take the Kit from stock during a sale and then to manufacture more should the Finished Qty not fulfil the requirements.

To keep things running Quickly and Accurately Peach allows you to utilise Barcode Scanning in all aspects of your business.

From Ordering through Receiving, Moving Items throughout the warehouse locations, Picking and Packing Orders and Selling. We have a Mobility Option as well for all types of businesses from retail Shops to large Multi Branch Warehouses. Modern Business must be using scanning to keep up.

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Emailing should be seamless, Versatile and available form everywhere in your Software.

Peach can be set to email invoices automatically to an unlimited amount of contacts in your database. Similarly when a supplier order is generated it to can email unlimited contacts as programmed. Any time during the month all Customer Statements can be sent with one click and also bulk emails for promotions or product guides. A great new feature we have is Email reminders, just select the outstanding invoice period you’d like to follow up on e.g. all customers in 60+ Days, display and press send. You have just reminded all your customers to pay their bills. Now all customer in 90 Days+ and send a message which is a little more convincing. Done! it has literally taken you less than 5 minutes.

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Peach Software employs complex algorithms to fine tune your purchasing.

Set up parameters based on Sales History and delivery lead times dissected by product Suppliers, Groups, Subgroups, categories and so on. Once you have set your parameters simply generate the Reorder triggers. Once you have your Min and Maximum Levels you can create Monthly orders or Intermonth orders to just top up. If you find stock running low or building up too much, simply go back to the specific Algorithm which controls that Item and tweak it or just make a new one. As trends or seasons change you can refresh your Min/ Max levels to take into consideration these changes and your back up to speed.

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Peach Software is Cloud or otherwise known as Hosted Software.

There is no need for your to spend precious dollars on expensive servers or IT People. We can deploy your system in minutes so you can log in and start trading today. You can run Peach from a Windows or Mac and even an iPad or Tablet. It’s portable and scalable so you don’t have to worry now or later.

A Software system is only as good as the Clarity of Outcomes.

The Peach Software Report Generator is the culmination of years of work Discovering new Tools, Technologies and Methods to create a Flexible and fast result. As far as Inventory Management Software goes, Peach hands down has the best report writer available even amongst the heavy weights.

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