Peach V12 makes Creating & Adjusting Product Reorder Levels simple and fast.

In the following video we show you how to calculate reorder levels for an entire Group of products, based on sales history.  You can select the sales period to base the outcome on and filter the products to be effected by Supplier, Group, Subgroup, Category and more. Smooth the averaging period to allow for peaks and troths, Create reorder levels for individual branches or for the consolidated business and store your formula so that it can be recalled and adjusted as required.

Peach Software automates much of the Re-Order process to provide guidance and save time. Watch the video below to learn about your options. There are vast differences between suppliers, some will have longer delivery lead times than others while some have better fill rates than others. The differences between product ranges also has to be considered with some best relying on minimum/ maximum levels and others best suited to replacing sold stock only. When customers or location rely on the season, this can also influence the reordering process. Peach has features to account for all of these elements.

Claiming Credits from your Supplier in Peach Software V12 is easy and maintains complete Traceability. You can even finalise credits for items from multiple outstanding RFC’s

  1. Start the Return for Credit Request by Recalling a prior Supplier invoice or entering individual Products.
  2. Once the list of products is complete update as an RFC (Return For Credit Request) and pass to the supplier
    1. At this point the parts have been deducted from your stock
  3. When the Supplier sends the credit you can retrieve the RFC (Return For Credit Request), enter the Credit Note Number and Finalise
    1. Now the creditor balance has been updated.

Peach Software makes importing simple. Fully costed invoices can be produced detailing the landed cost of each product based on the FOB in Foreign currency, the exchange rate and shipping charges.

Download a PDF with more information from Download PDF

Peach Software streamlines the process of receiving incoming Shipments of Items from multiple Supplier Orders

The following video demonstrates a utility called TRANSIT INVOICE now in V12. It simply reads from your suppliers manifest to move

products from multiple supplier orders to a new transaction and adjusts the remaining Supplier Orders accordingly. The ETA of the items on the new shioment are also updated so your sales staff and B2B customers are fully informed.