For Inventory Management, Categorising Products by Sales Consistency is Valuable for Re-Ordering

The Category Field in Product Control can be Managed Manually, However the Generate Product Categories function in Peach Software, can quickly define different Ordering Requirements within a single Product Range, Supplier, Product Group or Subgroup. If there are 50 Part Numbers in a common group then not all are going to be moving at the same rate.

This is where Categories can Highlight products that need to be Monitored more closely as they are fast movers and it’s critical they stay Stocked at all times.

Generate a Colour Coded Search Screen using Product Categories

Simply Tag the product category field in Product Control, then go into the Generate Categories screen from the Control Tab of the Task Menu, Click the ALL NEW COLOURS link at the bottom of the screen. Now set a Colour against up to 6 Tags. A great way to indicate to your sales people which products to push or perhaps Not Too, based on the colour in the search screen. Or use the Generate categories screen to generate the product category automatically based on sales performance averaged over 1 to 24 months.