Peach Software Pricing When to upgrade

Peach Software can cater to Businesses as small as a single user to 60+ Users across multiple Branches.

Pricing involves consideration of the Number of Users, Branches, Function complexities and the Location of your organisation.
Peach is also available as a Cloud Service Software with only a monthly fee and no upfront License fee.
For all pricing enquiries please call or email

Upgrade Cost of Current V9 Licences

V12 has all the latest technology and is a complete re-write of Peach Software with many new features, where most software companies would charge for “New Software”, our charge to upgrade is heavily subsidised by license fees paid.
Upgrade just one, some, or all of your operators to V12 and until we migrate V12 to a 64 Bit platform either V12 or V9 interfaces can continue to be used as they are entirely integrated.
Upgrade from an existing V9 License to a V12 License for a once off cost of only $390.00 per user and add $18.00 per month per V12 User to your existing License fee.

Additional Licenses

For all pricing enquiries please call or email