When Should I Upgrade to V12

Peach Software will continue to support V9 into the future. The problem is that Microsoft will stop updating 32 bit operating systems with security patches, at some stage, leaving your business vulnerable to Hackers and Viruses.

Fortunately, it’s likely that V12 will work on your existing server and workstations, alongside V9. This provides an opportunity for you to try V12, and move to it gradually, while still being able to revert to V9 if you’re unsure about something, or to make sure that V12 operates as you expect.

We continue even now, to make subtle changes in V12 to cater to the many variations in ways our customers use our V9 Software.

So, don’t wait until you have to move, without the opportunity of trying it out or running the old and new side by side. It makes a lot of sense to move sooner than later.

When Running V12 and V9 at the same time, all input to either updates the other simultaneously making it very easy to check outcomes and functionality.