Product Kits is a Powerful feature in Peach Software

A Kit is simply a Collection of Items in your inventory module which you would like to sell as One Inventory Item.

In Peach Software there are numerous options for Auto Build…

a. Invoice the Kit and the software will deplete the parts from stock

b. Invoice the Kit and deplete the Kit Part

c. Invoice the Kit and allow the software to deplete the Kit Part stock and then the components of the stock of Kits is exhausted.

When a kit is invoiced the cost recorded to the sale is the sum of the average costs of the components.

The first step in Product Kits is to create the Kit. This requires the creation of the Primary Product Kit Part and then the addition of the components of the kit.
The Primary Part is Created in the system similar to any other Primary Part number and then the Components are attached in the Kit Control screen shown below.
The system can then Auto Assemble the Product Kit as you sell the Primary Part, or you can Pre-Build the Kits into Stock and then supply straight off the shelf.

Product Kits - Kit Control

The Product Kits Manufacture Screen is where you can build 1 or more of a single Kit

Product Kits - Single Kit Manufacture Screen

Bulk Product Kits Manufacture allows you to Build more than 1 Kit Number at a time. List your kits in here and the Qty to process them all in the one Batch

Product Kits Bulk Manufacture Screen

The Kit Update screen gives several options of how you would like to process this particular Transaction

Customize a Kit – During Job Card, Customer Order and Invoicing

More Detail

With this option activated in the background, you can NOW! customize kits during the Customer Order, Job Card or Invoicing Stage. Adjusted Kits will auto explode on the Job card or Customer Order listing the components required. This is great for products such as Air and Fluid hose assemblies, so you can create a single kit and simply change the length of the hose on the fly, to suit the job at hand. The original kit template will remain unchanged. The components, Costs and profits for the custom kit will be self handled by Peach in the background for that transaction.