Peach Software has had a workshop module since 2000 and now we have included it in our newest Peach V12 Version of our Software.

Workshop is not new to our clients, it is commonly used for Vehicle and Truck servicing as well as Machinery and Appliances.

Custom Templates

Custom Templates are a fast and convenient way to set up a Group of items, Descriptive lines and even a labour line to drop into a workshop transaction screen and can be re used over and over.

Once inserted into a transaction, lines can be added, deleted or re-arranged. Even text can be stored in a Template. Custom Templates can be used in Customer Orders, Job Cards, Workshop Invoices, Point of Sale and Invoice screens.

Why try and Multi tasking when Peach Software can do it for you.

Next time you’re in the middle of doing a job card and find you need to order some parts, simply click ORDER PARTS and the Supplier Order screen will open and load the required products from the Job Card.