Peach Software V12 now includes a fully integrated General Ledger

Other Features include – Cheque Book Reconciliation, Bulk Supplier Payments, Bulk email Remittance Advice and creation of an ABA Banking File for importing into your Online Banking Software.

Please note Peach Does not have a Payroll solution…

The GL Control Screen is your entry into the General Ledger

From here you can See a list of Accounts showing their Parent – Child relationships, Balances, Bas Categories and Print to a Neatly Formatted Spreadsheet. Just One click away and Accounts can be Added, Deleted, Edited and display a detailed list of transactions which make up the balance. Simple Sleek and Intuitive…Please watch this Video for more information.

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Pay all Suppliers in Minutes with PeachV12 Bulk Supplier Payment function

Set the Date Range – Display Supplier Invoices – Approve to Pay

Generate ABA file and import into Internet Banking – Bulk Email Remittance Advice’s – Enjoy a Coffee

Note: Please check all suppliers have a valid Bank – BSBNo and BankAcc in Supplier Control.