Adjusting Till Tender Totals

Peach Software provides the Point of Sale screen for Retailers.

The POS screen is an intuitive, fast retail friendly screen where you can process Cash Sales, Account Sales, Deposits/Lay Buys, Credits and Quotes.


Cash Sales

The screen defaults to the Cash Customer set in the system settings, The salesman defaults to the operator so simply start scanning parts and then update. A receipt will print and the cash drawer will open. The POS screen is now ready for the next sale.

Account Sales

F3 to focus on Customer Search where you can enter the customer Code, Name or ID then enter. Simply select the desired customer and the details will load. F4 will then take you to the parts grid where you can start scanning products and update.

Note: During either of the above you can change the transaction from a Sale to a Credit or Quotation before finalising.
Note: At any time you can also change the customer or add a new customer on the fly. Pricing of any of the loaded parts will be adjusted according to the new customers pricing matrix
Note: Where possible we have provided a key to perform an action to minimise the necessity of using a mouse however all actions can also be made using the mouse or touch screen.

This Video demonstrates How to take deposits for Special orders or Lay Buys using the Peach Point of Sale screen. Note that the following conditions need to be met…

1. The customer exists in Peach Software with a Name and phone number at least.

This would be required by law to keep a record of payments received prior to finalising. It also helps track who received goods are for.

2. The customer does not have an account

It is assumed that if your customer has an account then deposits are not required and all payments are received according to their credit terms.

3. The Goods have not been supplied on this transaction

Should I use the Simpler method of Diminishing Customer Orders or Go for the full Backorder System?

Using Barcode Scanners will Speed up Selling, Counting and even Receiving stock, while keeping your inventory Accurate.

Some tasks such as receiving, can be done by in experienced staff since identifying products correctly is no longer an issue.

Editable Payment Methods in Peach Software

Account and Cash sales can be done in either our POS or Invoice screens. Either way, this new feature allows you to edit the payment methods available to your staff. Once set up, the associated till summary and POS reports will comply, separating out your takings accordingly.

POS Customer Facing Screen

If your business uses our Point of Sale screen than the screen has been created for a forward facing terminal on your counter. This shows your company Logo, Product Pictures, price, discount and more. Check out this Tutorial to see the various settings.

Point of Sale environments can be fast moving environments…

Some of our clients will ring up almost 500 transactions in a day, so no wonder mistakes are made. This video shows you how to adjust your till in such a case, so that at the end of the day it’s a simple process to balance your Till according to the various tender types

Eftpos Sales cost you money!

Recoup using Surcharging

Peach Software have just added Surcharging to our Eftpos integration