Peach Software V12, Reviving the popular Version 9.

Peach software have developed V12 over the last 9 years. 5 of those years being R&D to find the right technologies for our needs now and well into the future.

Due to the expense of development, many software providers are falling behind the technology curve, but you can be sure that if you have Peach Software, you have the very latest technology and still with the personal service that Peach Software offers. If you succeed, we succeed, and if we succeed you’ll never need new Software.

1. V12 keeps your server and data more secure

2. V12 does not require a remote desktop or shared network drive to your server. Both of these types of connection are direct to your server and can allow viruses to spread to your server.

3. V12 uses will simply Print to your Windows printer by default, but can also be configured to print Selected documents, to any printer available in the network or VPN. So setting up printers in Peach V12 is as simple as it gets.


4. V12 Screen now fills your monitor while still having the option of seeing multiple screens along side each other. Great for back office work.

5. V12 provides a Test Area you can work within to Train your staffTest Area of your system

The test area is a place where you can run test transactions or database changes through functions such as Bulk Change or Percentage Price Changes and check the outcome before committing. It also provides a great opportunity to train and test your staff without effecting your live data.


6. V12 can operate duplicate screens.

Many clients have wanted the option to duplicate screens such as a customer order or Invoice screen. Now with V12 you can duplicate a screen as many times as needed without running low on system resources.

7. V12 ContactsCustomer Contact Tab

In the V12 Contacts Tab you can have unlimited contacts for each customer or supplier. All these contacts can be displayed and selected when emailing directly from the send email screens. Additionally each type of document such as invoices, Statements, Remittances, Orders and so on can be tagged to be sent to any one or more contacts in the list. Each contact has their own identity – Email, Name, Contact No and notes. Even birthday!

8. V12 Marketing & CalendarCalendar and Marketing Screen

Use Calendar and Marketing tab for Following up business or keeping track of prior visits. Events once created can be linked to customers or left as a casual event. From customer create a Marketing note to follow up. Setup user or companywide events and announcements.

9. Reports to XL or PDF

All V12 reports can be opened directly into XL and PDF or emailed directly. All reports can be grouped and sub grouped and sorted by most available fields. One report can be run and presented in so many ways.

10. Report Customising

Use any standard V12 report as a basis for your own customised report or make your own from scratch. Once a custom report is saved it can be made available company wide. The report Run Command can be sent to a client or head office for them to run and view the report remotely & Live on demand.

11. New General Ledger Screen

From the New GL Control Screen you can so much more detail..
See a list of Accounts showing Parent – Child relationships, Balances, Bas Categories and Print directly to a Neatly Formatted Spreadsheet. Just One click away and Accounts can be Added, Deleted and Edited. Display a detailed list of transactions which make up the balance. Simple Sleek and Intuitive

12. Browse – Export

The new browse screens display the fields you want and can be filtered by many variables. Once you have narrowed your view down to just the items you are looking for you can do bulk changes, edit line by line or even export the results straight into XL.

13. CSV files with orders

Many of your suppliers require files from your purchase orders that can be imported into their systems. In V12 you can build a custom CSV file for each of your suppliers which will be sent with purchase orders.

14. XL Import

Importing data for product and price Updates, Promotions etc has never been easier and more interactive. Peach V12 reads an XL file directly into an intermediate screen to display and indicate new entries and edits before updating. You can choose from there what to update and proceed.

15. Reorder Templates

An old and impressive feature is to Generate Reorder Levels from Sales and Usage History. When doing this you would select a Supplier and then generate based on their delivery characteristics and the sales history of the products they supply. In V12 you can now do this by product

16. Oscar from Within Peach

For our Automotive customers who use Oscar you may not have realised that we have embedded Oscar right there inside Peach Software. So when you do a Search your results will display with the Availability from your POS System, including the price for the customer you are speaking with. From there it's just one more click and the part is available in your Peach Point of Sale Screen. And don't forget you can share your Oscar with your trade customers through Trade Connect for $50.00 / Month for 10 customers.

17. Branch Transfers

If you run multiple branches the there is a whole new look for branch transfers. A dedicated screen now allows you to view a from and too area, type in the parts or generate based on reorder levels and update. You can process as a request, in Transit or Finalise. Even go straight to finalise for same day transfers such as into your sales vans.

18. Supplier Consignment Stock

Always been a hard one but now V12 simplifies holding suppliers stock on consignment. A dedicated screen receives their stock into a holding area and from then on your staff can see and sell their stock. Reorder options allows you to replace sales from the last order placed and when the goods come in all the balances are back to square. Its really simple. It's just as easy to adjust the Qty on consignment if required.

19. Lost Sales Features

Lost sales has always been underutilised but we have enhanced it into a useful marketing tool being able to save and recall several messages stating the reason why a sale was lost. We have also adde two great reports. One gives you a record of goods not delivered on an order and the other gives a list of lost sales reasons with the part and date.

20. Inner and Out BarcodesNew Product Pack and Specifications screen

Very handy when using barcode scanners to receive, pick and invoice goods packed in an outer carton. Often the outer carton has a barcode which identifies a set qty of the inner item. This outer barcode and various others such as layer and pallet Qty can now be stored in the product control PACK screen. Scanning them will read in the entire carton qty.

21. Product Documents

Product Instructions, Specifications, Dangerous goods details or even promotional material can be stored against any product, customer or supplier which can be retrieved and printed or emails straight from the Document window.

22. Serial and Batch Numbers

Peach has had serial numbers for years but now it has been enhanced to provision for Batch tracking. Now you can keep track of an item including where and when it came from, Where and when it was sold too and which supplier batch it belongs too as well as the items serial number.

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