Emailing Documents directly to your business partners should be a basic function for your business Software

Quotes, Invoices, Delivery Dockets and Statements to Customers

Product Information Sheets to Various customer Contacts

Orders, Return for Credit Advice and Remittances to Suppliers

Emailing documents directly is important but complex to automate. Managing numerous contacts within your customers and suppliers organisations, and set up rules to automate emailing documents is a Need to have.

So when Emailing Documents, Were do all these emails go? I told you it was complex !

Emailing Documents to Customer and Supplier Contacts:

Just about every customer or supplier you deal with has more than 5 people working for them, so your software should be able to track all contacts within these organisations including their Names, Position, Contact Details and even a bit about the person so conversations can be a little more personalised. When emailing documents such as Orders or Invoices, Quotes or Statements, you should be able to choose any or all of the contacts as a default to send them too.

Peach Software Can have 99 contacts for each supplier and customer with a full set of rules when emailing documents E.G. Invoices and delivery Dockets are automatically sent to 1, 3 or 20 contacts by setting up these rules just once.

Product Information and Data Sheets:

During customer inquiries, operators need fast access to product data sheets. Emailing Documents such as this information, to any contact within the customer's organisation should be quick and seamless during inquiry.

Peach Software allows you to store PDF or Word Documents against Part Numbers making it seamless to pass onto customers or print and send with goods.

Invoice Copies

Re-sending one or all invoices for a date period needs to be fast and secure. It's easy to mistake the destination email address when sending from your external email application. Sometimes you may also need to send invoices to a group of contacts or their Head Office within an organisation.

Peach Software Contacts…

  1. Stores up to 99 Contacts per customer and instructions on who receives each type of document weather its 1 or several of the contacts. So when emailing, either accept the default destinations, or choose from a stored list of all that companies contacts.
  2. You can also set invoices and statements to go to the customer's contacts, or the customer's Bill-to contacts, in the case of branch and Head Office accounts.
  3. If a Customer wants all their invoices for a month, Email them in one action by date range. Time is money and here's where good software can pay for itself many times over.
  4. You may have a customer with 50 branches and the head office account contact changes. In this case you need to edit contact for every branch.


Running statements and emailing documents at the end of the month is very time consuming, and often needs to be done before you close the month off. Statements needing to go to different contacts from invoices etc.

Peach Software makes all this simple…

  1. It takes minutes to setup statement runs and destination contacts. Then just press send and your statements are being delivered to one or more of the chosen contacts of each customer while business continues so you can get on with your next task.
  2. It's no longer critical to run statements before you start trading in the new month. Statements are stored during the month end process, and can be retrieved and re sent at any time.
  3. Branches Invoices can be sent to the Head Office accounts contact via the details on the Head Office file. So if the Head office Account details change, only one entry needs to be edited.

Late Payment Reminders…

There is nothing better for cash flow than sending reminders during the month. Sending late payment reminders is complicated. Assembling delinquent customer details, Invoice Numbers, dates and Amounts is complicated let alone having to email them one by one.

Peach Software Automates this process making it a fast and accurate process.

  1. Open Bulk Email, select Overdue Accounts and the overdue period to filter out the delinquents.
  2. Write or retrieve the appropriate message from your message library and press send.
  3. Peach will send your message with a list of late invoices to each customer in one action. We'd challenge you to make it any easier.

Supplier Payments

You may need to pay suppliers separately, or by Date Range. Then enter the payments into your Internet Banking Software. After this process is complete you then need to email the remittance advices. All this can take hours.

Peach Software has a bulk pay function…

  1. Set the Date range of invoices you wish to pay. Peach will display the Suppliers to be paid and totals. Simply approve all or some with a tick and select to Pay.
  2. Once the payments have been processed in Peach Software, email the remittance advice’s to the contacts setup in your supplier contacts list.
  3. Process the ABA file in your internet banking. Job Done !
  4. Supplier Payments can be done manually as well if required.

To See more information about the Power of the Peach Software Email Features follow This Link

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