Alternate Products, Suppliers and Part Numbers.

Here are three Scenarios

1. You have a product such as a packet of Cable Ties with many possible suppliers. Each brand serves exactly the same purpose regardless of the source. So you don't want to create a separate part number for each supplier. This presents some problems.

a. Each Suppliers packaging has a different Barcode and Part Number. The challenge is, how do you identify the item during the receiving and sale process.
b. When re ordering Suppliers don't recognise your Part Numbers. This can create many shipping mistakes are possible from the supplier.
c. How do you keep track of when you last purchased off each supplier. So how do you know that the last cost is recent or an old price which is no longer valid.
d. Each Supplier quotes a different price so how do you keep track of the pricing. How do you make the best purchasing decision.

2. You Stock two or more versions of a product which serve the same purpose. You need to stock and sell them as two individual items. They are different Brands and have different costs. One is a premium Brand and the other an economical alternative.

a. When a customer asks about either product, the operator may discover that it is out of stock. The operator needs to identify and Suggest the Alternate option without delay.

3. You stock a range of products in Brand A. There are many other Brands which have a similar Range such as Timing Belts.

a. When a customer enquires using another Brands Part Number. How can the operator identify the Alternative in the Brand you Stock?
The above scenarios, show that having an effective Alternate Products solution is imperative. It makes selling efficient for your business while keeping track of your purchases.

So Peach Software have developed the following functionality thus providing users with simple solutions.

Alternate Parts Software

Alternate Products for a Single Item.

With Peach Software you can search and load alternate products using competitors part numbers. This is available from any transactions screen.

Alternate Products, Different Brands, Same Purpose

Any possible alternatives for the same application display when searching. This makes it seamless for your operator to offer all alternates.

Alternate Suppliers for One Product

When you have Many suppliers for one Item, such as Cable Ties. There’s no need to set up duplicate entries. Products can have unlimited Alternate Product numbers and Barcodes for Buying or selling.

Alternate Products helps Ordering and Receiving Goods

Supplier Orders will display the appropriate suppliers part number and agreed price. You can use Suppliers Barcodes, or codes when receiving goods thus speeding up the Goods receiving process.

Alternate Products will speed up your Buying and selling processes. Follow this link to see how Peach Inventory Software can make this happen. more

Alternate Products and Part Numbers