Expanding Screens

Having the Space and Functionality to open multiple screens side by side was one of the features that set Peach Software aside from most others. Users could have a product Control screen open beside the Supplier order screen for example, allowing for multitasking or your 2-3 Supplier order screens open at once, each for a different supplier. The down side of this however was a limit to the amount of data we could expose across grid type screens such as Browse or Search Screens. Now with the latest tools and technologies available to us in Peach V12 we can delivery the best of both worlds. Check out this video

Front Facing POS Screen

As Peach Software expands into new Markets, new exciting features become necessary to meet a changing horizon. In most cases these new features benefit our existing customers as well, so it’s a win, win when Peach Software grows.

Customise Payment Methods

Now you can switch out and in Payment methods according to the needs of your business. Once set up the Summary Reports will display totals for any or all of the payment methods used and hide the ones no longer available such as the old Bankcard.