Bulk change from Browse Screen

You can now set up your filters from the Browse Screen. There are more filters to choose from and can see the products you are about to change before making changes. Filter and Display means you can really zero in on the product set you are after without the guessing. Remember to do a backup before making large changes to your files. And don’t forget that these features apply to the Customer and Supplier Browse screens as well.

Peach Business Software makes Tidying up Data in your Software Fast and Simple.

We all know how important it is to have your data well maintained. Key attributes like Groupings, Categories, Territories etc for Products, Customer and Suppliers makes Stock Control, Pricing and Reporting a lot more informative and useful when making business decisions.

Using the Peach Bulk edit screen you can create a set of parameters to filter down to the Data you would like to change and then select up to 5 actions at the same time. Remember you could possibly be changing a lot of data so do a simple backup prior to pushing that OK button.