Peach integrates to Xero, M.Y.O.B. & QuickBooks

While Peach Software has it’s very own fully integrated accounting module. Many clients have an external Book keeper more familiar with Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks. So these integrations provide our Peach clients with options.

For MYOB and QuickBooks users, the Peach Integration allows data uploads avoiding double entry. Sales and Purchase Invoice Headers can be uploaded to your external accounting system along with Receipts and Cogs.
For Xero users the integration is even more seamless with Sales and Purchase Invoices Headers flowing to Xero and Customer Receipts returning to Peach so that your sales and inventory system (Peach) can maintain credit control.

Xero Integration

Our integration to Xero is a Modern API function meaning there is no push pull operation required. A simple sync is all that’s needed to send Supplier and Customer invoices to Xero. Supplier Payments and Customer Receipts are done in Xero or Peach Software and flow each way, so your staff using Peach never need to log into your accounting software and your bookkeeper can use all the great advantages of Xero Bank Matching without having to log into the inventory system.

More Detailed Information HERE!

MYOB and QuickBooks Exports

Data is exported using an Application within Peach Software. The operator needs to run this application while choosing a date range they would like to export.

Sales will be exported as Batch’s detailing Sales, GST, COGS and Freight totals only.

Receipts are exported as Total Cash/Cheques, Total EFTPOS/Card and Itemised Direct Payments

Purchases Invoices are exported with Header Information Only e.g. Invoice No, Supplier, Total, Date.

Customer Receipts are done in Peach.

Supplier Payments are done in the external system.

Accounting and GST reports are done on the external system.

Customer and product performance and trading reports are done from Peach Software

Scope of Integration from Peach Software to MYOB & QuickBooks

Please note the following important points

  1. Peach Software includes a fully Integrated accounting system with the exception of payroll
  2. If you use an external accounting system Peach Software is only responsible for the Data Flowing from Peach, and does not provide support for 3rd party applications.