Peach now has an API integration with Xero Accounting Software. The header information of Purchase and Sales transactions flow to Xero. Creditors are paid in Xero and Customer receipts can be done in either Peach or Xero and will flow back either way. All Non trade Expenses and Revenue are done in Xero including BAS Reporting and reconciliation. Regardless of the size and complexity of your business the combination of Peach and Xero is a winning formula which will keep your operational staff and bookeeper happy.

Scope of Integration from Peach Software to Xero

  • Sales and Purchase Invoice Header Information flow into Xero
  • Customer Receipts can be done in Xero or Peach & will update both Sides
  • Supplier Payments are done in Xero
  • Accounting and GST reports are done in Xero

Please note the following important points

  1. Peach Software includes a fully Integrated accounting system with the exception of payroll
  2. If you use an external accounting system Peach Software is only responsible for the Data Flowing from Peach, and does not provide support for 3rd party applications.