V12 is Now Live

Although V12 is now finalised, we will continue to Improve it by adding more Smarts, Features and Integrations


The cost of upgrading from V9 to V12

Each licensed user can be upgraded to V12 for $390.00 and the License fee per user will increase by $18.00 per Month

A typical V9 5 User system with cost an initial $1,950.00 plus $90.00 per month in addition to your current licensing fee.

If you require More Licenses

From our experience so far, some clients have grown into a larger number of users than licensed for. In this case you will need to purchase new licenses according to how many you require. The defninition of Licenses required is as follow.. You may have Ten staff in total but only 4 work at the same time. This means you need a 4 user license, not ten. If you do need more licenses then please let us know so we can come to some arrangement regarding the pricing.