Inventory Management Software for Importers . Retailers . Wholesalers . Manufacturers

Peach inventory Management Software can be configured for Importers, Retailers, Wholesalers or Manufacturers. Peach Inventory Software can cater to Single or Multiple Warehouses and therefore caters to businesses from the single user operation to larger organisations. Whatever the scale of your operation, you will find Peach Software for Warehousing, Inventory Control and POS a very competitive and feature rich solution.Main Screen of Peach Inventory Management Software

As well as Warehouse scalability Peach Software can provide the complexity of Multiple Bin locations per Item Per Warehouse and Managing Multiple stock areas doesn’t need to be time consuming. Peach Software provides for separate reorder Points per Stock Area, to produce Orders between warehouses or to Suppliers. You can even create a Consolidated Supplier order using the combination of the Multiple Warehouse Reorder points which is Great for O.S. Orders.

One very important aspect of warehousing is reporting and again we don’t let you down here. All Stock and transaction reports can be filtered by Warehouse, Area, Salesperson and so on, or simply report on the entire consolidated operation.

Inventory Software for Retailers P.O.S.

Peach keeps it simple – From one screen you can transact a Cash Sale, Account Sale, Credit Note, Customer Order and Quotation. It even allows you to check stock and sell out of any warehouse from within the one transaction screen. People are amazed when they see how easy it is to just Click and check prior Sales to the Client for the Item and reprint invoices.

And when a customer brings a product for return just load his profile and the part and a prompt will appear to tell you when the purchased the item from you and what date, it will even tell you if the item has already been returned.

Inventory Software with Custom Reporting

A full suite of predefined reports which can be opened to PDF or XL
Filter and Sort Reports by many variables and Database Fields
Email reports directly from the viewer
Clone and Customize existing Reports adding or deleting Fields
Save Customized reports as your favourites

Inventory Software for Importers

Send O.S. Supplier Orders with Their Item Number and FOB
Store FOB on the Item and Update from Supplier Files
Input Exchange Rate, Duty and Shipping charges for a fully costed invoice
Adjust Re order Points based on Sales History to Optimise Order Qty’s
Economical Reorder Qty’s