What does Peach Software do?

We can appreciate it’s sometimes hard to identify exactly what Some applications do, so here is a simple run down.

Peach Software is used by Retailers, Wholesalers & Importers who typically have many Customers, Thousands of products and many Suppliers. We handle 100% of the accounting side of the business as well producing all the financial reports that are required. Our Strength is in a few areas…

Inventory Control

Customer Marketing and Price Control

Online B2B Portal

Integration to external accounting packages

Multi or single warehousing

Hand Held Wifi Devices for Stock Control



Import pricing

Complex Purchasing and Re Ordering

It may help to know where most of our customers come from.

Most clients that come to us are using Generic Software Applications like MYOB, QuickBooks and so on. These packages are great value and Satisfy a broad application, however, once businesses grow they sometimes take on more Inventory, Branches, Customer focused pricing structures and Complex reordering needs. These are probably some of the common reasons we exist, because this is what we do really well.

Support is a Big Deal

Once people get to know us through their Software selection process they notice that we are far more personal than the larger and or more generic companies. We only service around 4000 users and only in Australia, so we are thinking in the same sphere of activity. To get support for Peach Software you can email us but most just call and speak to one of our support staff who you can get to know and they can start to understand your business. We are not the Agents or Representatives for Peach Software, We are Peach Software ! So your requests and feedback lands right on the desk of the programmers. Not to say we solve every problem but if it is going to benefit most of our clients then it will quite possibly be used.