When will V12 be 64 bit compliant

V12 is being developed as a 64 bit compliant application, however while we have thousands of users transitioning from V9, both versions need to work in parallel for a while which is why we still need a 32 bit operating system. During the 1st half of 2018 we will have a standalone V12 version for wholesalers which can be migrated to a 64 bit server.

If you need to purchase new or update your existing hardware, there are a couple of options.

a. The latest Servers include a built in Virtual Environment and a 32bit 2008 Server license to run within that environment. Once 64 bit is available you can migrate Peach to the main server environment.
b. Peach Software have partnered with a cloud server provider which you can rent for 12 months. Once 64 bit is available we can convert the Cloud server to 64 bit or you can then invest in your own server

Note: Workstations can be 64bit now. read more

When 64 Bit becomes available

The new 64 bit version will be compatible with a 32 or 64bit operating system. So there is no pressure to change or spend more money and the difference in performance will be minimal.

Advantages Some notable enhancements include

Browser Based can operate on any internet connected device
Large screens
Ability to run duplicate screens
All new Report Builder and ability to create and save customised reports
Up to 200 contacts for each Customer and Supplier
Calendar – Dispatch and Receiving reminders and user Notes and reminders
Inter branch connectivity without VPN or Terminal services
Unlimited Scalability and simple Deployment
Integrated Peach Online or Trade Connect screens
Multiple Companies from one Browser

V12 has two operating modes

Application Mode or Browser Mode…read more