Backing up your system is made Flexible and Straight forward with Peach Software

In the past you would need to be in your office to ensure your information is safe but with the New Peach Version 12

You are no longer tethered by these very important tasks.

Month End using V12 is completely portable.

You no longer need to be in your office to run the month end process. Anywhere you have an internet connection is fine in V12 and your staff dont need to log out. The system will halt updates temporarily and then let them flow again once complete. Compared to V9 14 minutes the same database took 4 minutes and Gen Stats is built in. Once month end is done you can go back into the previous month to run the statements when it suits you

Generate Statistics

Is a Utility in Peach Software which re-aligns the User Screens with the Database. Generate Statistics runs automatically during the Month end Procedure and so normally there is no need to run it manually. From time to time data can become misaligned due to Back Dating or forward dating transactions or doing database maintenance such as Bulk Change, Deleting Old Customer Orders, Backorders or Supplier Orders and return for Credits. So if you see information in your control screens that seems out of date, simply run a generate statistics and much of the time this will reset the information.

Here’s how… Click Admin/Setup from the left Menu – This takes you to the Admin Tab of the Task Menu
















Click Generate statistics – and Now simply click START.

If you wish to change any settings here then please call Peach Support for more information