Pack size per Supplier using Alternate Supplier

Up until now, the pack size was determined by the entry in product control, so if you had 3 or more suppliers with different pack sizes this was limiting. Now check out your F7 area and at the very end is a new field called UnitQty. This means that each and every supplier can have their own pack size entry. Superb!!

Enforce Sales Pack Size

There are some products that should only be sold in a certain Qty. It might be a Box of Spray Pack Cans or Globes that you’d rather not break up. Although we have had the option to suggest a Qty, now you can enforce the Qty so that operators cannot override this. Check out the Video.

Packsize Qty Conversion

When buying and selling products in different units, Peach Software can do the legwork for you. A great example is Globes. Many of our clients Purchase Globes in a box of 10 and sell by the unit. So Instead of the frustration of supplier mistakes and incorrect costings, simply set up Packsize Qty in Peach Software so it can take care of business.

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