Here are just some of our Invoice Screen Tips. Retailers should refer to the Point of Sale Screen.

  1. Search for customers by Customer Code or any part of their Name
  2. After loading a customer click this link to Check or edit customer details on the fly
  3. Preset customer to record back orders or adapt on the fly
  4. Load customers Order and then Scan picked items into the invoice screen to reduce errors
  5. Open and operate multiple invoice screens simultaneously
  6. Click to search and load a different delivery address
  7. When using multiple Branches select where you want the goods dispatched from
  8. Click a line No to Open-Edit Product details including ETA, Pricing, Orders, Alternates and more
  9. Click the Status Link to see which Branch has your stock available.
  10. Customer Set price level/Discount for this product
  11. Customers Net Price
  12. Use our Serial Number Feature
  13. Record a Lost sale and enter a reason

When Processing a Credit you can recall the entire invoice into a credit screen and edit if required then process.

Invoices can be emailed directly to Customers in PDF or even CSV and Excel.

A list of products can be imported to your invoice screen

In one key stroke you can check prior sales to the Customer for any particular product