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Peach Software has many ways to achieve the most flexible pricing for each customer or group of customers. Notable methods include but are not limited too;

Markup (% on Cost) – PriceLvl (Discount off List) – Net (Set price per product)

The various ways that these methods are applied can be attached to keys such as the Product Part, Group, Sub Group, Supplier, Category, Qty, Date Range and so on.

Although there are so many systems out there with many variations there have not been many times where we have not been able to Mimic and simplify existing methods when converting other software systems to Peach Software. more…

We have 3 Scenarios for Alternate Products,

a. A Part purchased from several suppliers but inventoried & sold as one product e.g. Cable Ties.

b. Several Parts with the same application but inventoried & sold as different Products maybe because of quality differences.

c. A part number (common industry No) simply used as a reference to a stocked part

Additionally when you purchase a product from a supplier the suppliers part number and cost is recorded for future transactions and reference.

Also if you change a part number, An entry is made here of the old part number in case a member of your staff missed the memo, in which case typing the old part number will display the new part number.

To see our dedicated Web Page on Alternate Parts please Click Here

Flexible and Customisable Report Builder with around 50 default reports included. Use a default report as a Template for your Custom Reports. Open reports to screen, PDF, Email or an Interactive Spreadsheet. Click Here for more information.

Re-Order products based on Min Max reorder levels, Date Range, Seasonal Demand, 3-month average & more.
Adjust for in Stock level or Outstanding Supplier & Customer orders

Auto Generate Min Max levels based on sales history and lead time.

Tips & Hints
Re Orders can be filtered by fast or slow moving products.
While you are working in a supplier order hit F6 to see a 24 Month Bar Graph of the part you are focused on.
Supplier orders are able to print the Suppliers Part No and Agreed Price for multiple suppliers.
Hit F11 while focused on a product to see the status screen. This shows alternate suppliers and their last price, Stock in all branches, Last purchase Qty-Date and Price
Orders can be stored without printing to be retrieved later and continued.
Click the … button to the right of the Deliver to so you can select a customer to direct ship too

Unlimited Warehouses, Branches &Consignment areas. Each having unique Locations, product Statistics and Reorder levels.

Transacting Branches can have their own transaction counter ranges
















Transfers between Branches are Simple and intuitive. You can create transfers manually or Auto Generate transfers between Branches using individual Branch Reorder Levels

Touch Screen active software can Zoom and Resize

Multiple Control and Transaction screens can be used Simultaneously

Duplicate Transactions screens can be used Simultaneously

At Peach Software we understand you may have other applications for your business. Not everyone can be the same or have the same requirements. So we can assist with the integration of Peach with 3rd party applications keeping numerous sales channels or accounting requirements simple. Read More…

Peach V12 Has unlimited Customer and Supplier Contacts and a calendar where tasks or reminders can be added. Tasks can be displayed for all users or for your self only. Open the calendar and see what today brings and also see what orders are to be dispatched or are expected in.

Kitting – Manually or Automatically assembling & costing a list of components into a Secondary Product & reverse

Have a look at our Web Page dedicated to Kits in the new V12 Software Click Here

Is PeachV12 a Cloud Application? Your Choice !

A Cloud Application simply means that your Application and Data is being provided from a remote physical server somewhere on the Internet.

With PeachV12 you decide where you want your data. You can host your data within your operation or on a cloud server. If you prefer a cloud server then we would recommend an Australian Service so that Senior support people and scheduled maintenance is based on local time. Often with international sites their 24 Hour support is of a lower standard during our business hours , being their afterhours.

Either way, you can Operate & Print from any connected location in the World without Server Sessions or VPN's. Much more secure than other methods as no path to data is opened.

Cloud Servers Available

You have the choice of choosing your own Virtual Server provider or one that we have already made arrangements with. We have negotiated with this supplier for a realistic price. It will be a yearly invoice for $720.00 Inc. g.s.t. We are not the providers and don't warrant or guarantee this service but have found the providers service and product to be reliable. The servers are based in Australia

The provider we use is VMCentral. You can check the product out at

Reliable Internet Connection

Understand that once your system is on a cloud server your internet connection becomes critical to running your business. Any internet failure will stop you from trading. You may want to consider the reliability of your internet provider and consider a Modem that can use a sim card in the event of a failure.

There are many Automated Cloud Backup Services around, and you are welcome to choose one yourself, however we have searched and tested to find a reliable provider

The product we have selected is Mozy Enterprise, which is owned by Dell Computers. Peach Software has partnered with Dell and purchased a sizeable amount of space in order to pass it onto our clients who can then monitor and restore their own backups if desired. It's important though to acknowledge that we are not the providers and don't warrant or guarantee this service but have found the providers service and product to be reliable. You can check the product out at

If you would like us to include you in this service, please email. The charge to setup the service and backup Peach related files is $390.00 / Year Inc. g.s.t. This provides 15GB of space which we have determined is enough to include the last 12 monthly folders, History Files, Reference files, Databases and Product Pictures plus more. If required, you can retrieve these files yourself or Peach Software can retrieve these from the Mozy Servers on your behalf should your hardware be compromised or destroyed. More space is available should you require it and multiple devices can be backed up including phones. All data backed up is encrypted. Once Mozy is installed on your Devices, you will have access to your very own control panel where you can monitor and download any of the files backed up. You will also receive emails warning of any backup errors, as will we as the administrators.

Extra devices $195.00 / Year / Device

Extra Storage $50.00 / Year / 10G

Once initiated the service will take up to 8 snapshots a day of all Peach related files which have changed. Each copy will be kept for 90 days. Any of these snapshots can be selected and downloaded / restored.

This Service and the Warrantee for this service provided by Peach Software is limited to Initial Setup, Support & Assistance if recovery is necessary. If you need our assistance performing non-essential tasks that you can perform yourself, then we may charge for this. In the case of recovery an IT person will still be required to recover and re setup the hardware for a new Peach installation. Whilst Peach Software takes all care possible, it does not warrantee the Mozy service itself. We recommend that you download and test the backup from time to time.

We also now have Cloud Servers available

So often people have no idea of all that power behind their business application. Here are 100 items you may have questions about.

100 Features you may never know existed


Peach V12 Workstations can be Windows PC’s, Mac’s or Tablet’s.

We have two modes of operation.

  1. Application Mode – For devices running the Windows operating system.
  2. Web Browser Mode – For any device regardless of the operating system.

The Application mode is most suitable for workstations performing transactions that need to print such as invoicing. This is because it is possible to print directly to a printer in this mode. With the Web mode you must view the transaction in PDF prior to printing due to Browser security.

Reps using tablets in the field can perform live Ordering or Invoicing and email the transaction directly to the client making it unnecessary to print in this case.

Security is tight as there is no need for operators to log into the server to use the software. They simply enter their username and password and viola. Just as easy as they connect and operate you have the control at your fingertips to block them instantly.


For now, Peach V12 still requires a 32 bit operating system. This is a temporary position so that our current V9 users wishing to upgrade to V12, can continue to use both the familiar V9 and the new V12 interface side by side. Yes you can have some operators using V9 and Some using V12 at the same time and they will both communicate simultaneously with the same database.

So for companies requiring up to 5 Users we recommend a Windows 7 or 10 32 bit operating system as the server and for the larger businesses a 2008 standard server.

If you are a new customer moving to Peach Software you may be interested in a Cloud server as the 32 Bit operating system requirement is temporary, and in around 12 months you can then invest in a 64 bit server. If you are going for a cloud server you should also consider the Automated backup software and can ask us for a discount on that package.