When you Update your Inventory Management Software Application, there are a few things you should tick off…

Deal with the Software Provider and not a Middle Man

It’s better to be dealing with the Software Company directly rather than a Distributor or Integrator. If every time you find a Bug or need a Tweak, and you will!, You need to steer through a distributor, you had better be very sure their relationship with the Software company is long term and healthy. The company you work with should form a good understanding of your business during the Trials and Installation stage, so maintaining this relationship is important.

Have the Application provider do a Complete Data Rehearsal

Doing a Data Trials is good value so don’t be shy to ask for one. There is nothing like investigating the software with your familiar data. This may cost you a token fee but if the Software company is really interested in the outcome they will do this and any cost will come off the final price. While you have a trial system with your data, share it around with your staff to get their feedback. Many eyes make the due diligence task fast and valuable.

When the time comes to switch over make sure you get static and history data. This means not only a dump of your Customers, Suppliers and Products but all the Balances and Full Product/Customer level Sale History for at least a couple of years. This is invaluable for so many reasons. Your staff will be questioning the software at every stage once you go live, and having the history available means they can quickly reflect back and check outcomes are consistent.

Get it in Writing

Last but not least – Every single feature that you have discussed over and above standard features should be noted and quoted. Saying yes is one thing but getting it written down and quoted or confirming in writing it is part of the initial cost is important. I see all the time companies move to software and the most common complaint is they over promise and under supply. The next most common complaint is that it’s ended up costing a fortune because the company said they could “Yes we can do that!” but no one mentioned a price.


Moving to new Software