This Video demonstrates How to take deposits for Special orders or Lay Buys using the Peach Point of Sale screen. Note that the following conditions need to be met…

1. The customer exists in Peach Software with a Name and phone number at least.

This would be required by law to keep a record of payments received prior to finalising. It also helps track who received goods are for.

2. The customer does not have an account

It is assumed that if your customer has an account then deposits are not required and all payments are received according to their credit terms.

3. The Goods have not been supplied on this transaction

The Point of Sale screen is used by Retailers.

Wholesalers should use our Invoice Screen. Prices in the POS screen include GST whereas prices in the Invoice screen are ex GST and the GST is added at the bottom of the invoice.

If your advertised/quoted prices are including GST and you sell to an end user, you are considered a Retailer.

If your advertised/quoted prices are excluding GST and you sell to Re sellers, then you are a wholesaler.