We have created a Demo for you of our new V12 Peach Software on some Sample Data.

Your User Name and Password have been provided in the email


No download or Installation is required for V12 and it can run from any PC, Mac or tablet device. (Chrome or Safari Browsers Preferred).

Peach V12 is also available in a Windows Application. Please note that each time a new screen is opened the speed may appear slow however it will speed up with more use.

To view some typical Data in this Demo Try Part Numbers HPR05, MF50 and DR504

Try Supplier 003 and customer 006 to generate orders and see sales and purchasing graphs.

Take your time to look around our new web site HERE which has been created to provide you with information specific to our new V12 software, especially check out Key features.

Introducing V12 – Some Facts

Some notable Facts:

Browser Based can operate on any internet connected device

Large scaleable screens

Ability to run duplicate screens

Advanced Report Builder and ability to create and save customised reports

Up to 200 contacts for each Customer and Supplier with basic CRM functions

Calendar – Dispatch and Receiving reminders and user Notes and reminders

Inter branch connectivity without VPN or Terminal services

Unlimited Scaleability and simple Deployment

Integrated Peach Online & Electronic catalogue

Multiple Companies can run simultaneously from a single Browser


  1. The first time you start v12 an initial download is required, this is a once off then Peach Software V12 will open.
  2. The first time each V12 Screen, Search Box, Lookup Grid, Pop Up etc. is opened it is saved to your local memory for faster retrieval. So the more you use it the faster it will become. If it seems to continue to run slow, check your internet settings to make sure the temporary files are not being deleted upon exit.

Things to Do when you start

  1. Sign In – once the screen opens the Sign in Button is at the top right of the screen. Click this and then enter the details at the top of this email.
  2. Once signed in click on the printer icon at the top right above the sign out button. In the screen that opens simply select the printers that you want each transaction type to go to from your login and OK.
  3. Have a look at the widgets on the right. Click Calendar and then click open calendar at the base for a full screen calendar. Orange and Green dots denote Orders to be shipped and ETA of Supplier Orders
  4. Click the task widget on the right, click Add new task. Once done OK and then close and open the calendar again. Now you see your task in the calendar. The calendar is user specific. There is also Add an event shortcut at the base of the calendar for new tasks.
  5. Close the calendar and then close the Widget bar using the Blue Right Arrow at the top of the bar
  6. Now using the menu tree on the left open and close a few screens. “Remember they may be slow to start with but will speed up as you use them” The Grey Sub Headings can be clicked to open all the functions within the categories or simply click on any of the commonly used functions.
  7. Let's make your own menu – Click My Menu at the top of the Tree on the left and then click setup my menu. Now simply click the items that you use most commonly and from now on they will be in your menu tree.
  8. Let's try a report – Select Product Reports – Product Performance – In Filters enter one of your large suppliers – Open – Now in this screen you can choose how you want the report grouped etc. and select show XLS drilldowns for this example. Now click XLS and the spreadsheet will display. (click to edit report at the top) You can see the heading totals and then click the + sign on the left of the report to expand the selection for more detail.
  9. Close reports and open Customer Control & Load a customer that you would like to put more contacts against. Once loaded click Cont/Mkt F11 at the bottom Left and here you can add up to 200 contacts for this customer and set which documents if any you would like them to receive.
  10. Try the new Product Browse screen, you can now customize what you see and where it is on the screen, even export the results to an XL spreadsheet.


That's just some of the great features in V12. We hope you enjoy the experience and look forward to listening to your compliments….