Peach Software is your MYOB Alternative

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Robert – Sales Director

What Makes Peach Software such a great MYOB Alternative ?

Moving from MYOB to Peach Software takes a day so don’t Struggle any longer. We take care of all the details, so all Items, Debtors, Creditors, Sales History and even Balances are transferred, so you’ll hit the ground running

At Peach Software we are the Developers, Installers and Support, meaning no third party needs to get involved. You need changes or Answers then deal direct.

Peach can operate as a Hosted Cloud Application or Installed on your own server so now you can say goodbye to most of your IT expenses.

We make Software Great Again

  • Command 1 Million Items with Peach Software Heavy Duty Inventory
  • Control thousands of Debtors and Creditors with Advanced Search, Pricing and Credit Controls
  • Automate Pricing by Groups, Subgroups, Qty, Dates and Customer Special Net Pricing
  • Build Kits using Job Cards or Build on the fly and you can Even Customise on the Fly
  • Record Item Codes, Purchase History, even Pricing from Unlimited Alternate Suppliers
  • Multiple Bin Locations for each Item
  • Track Inventory Levels and Sales Performance of Branches & Mobile Van Stock
  • Operate from Any Desktop or Mobile Device, even your smartphone


Jake from Northside Fasteners says Changing to Peach was very fast, smooth and pain-free – read more

Rodney from JGR Industrial says We have been running Peach Software for 8 Months and found the company to be very professional – read more

Tony from Metfasteners says Everything is fantastic, The support staff are terrific. I love the tutorials – read more

Phil from Cheapa Spares in Townsville says Large Supplier orders used to take us 5 days to book into inventory now takes around 3 Hours