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Peach V12 can operate on any device without any installation.

For some advanced features you can install PeachV12 on a Windows operating system.

Thanks for considering Peach Software

This video goes through some basic screens within Peach Software just to get you started. The video is general in nature. If you would like to discuss some of the challenges you face in your business, and know how Peach Software will meet these challenges, then please email me back for an online tour or just call our Sales Director for more information.

Some Facts about Peach Software

Browser Based can operate on PC, Mac, Android devices

Can be fully hosted from a cloud server or Local in house server

Larger, scalable screens

Ability to run duplicate screens

All new Report Builder and ability to create and save customised reports

Up to 200 contacts for each Customer and Supplier

Calendar / CRM features

Inter branch connectivity without VPN or Terminal services

Unlimited Scale-ability and simple Deployment

Integrated Peach Online, Trade Connect and Oscar screens

Multiple Companies can run simultaneously from a single Browser

More Granular Reorder level settings

Modern API allows seamless integration to Online Sales Channels

Peach PDA










Use this Hand Held device for Scanning to…

Goods Receiving, Move Product bin locations, Pick and Pack, Stocktake, Bulk Change

Peach Mobile










Use on any Smart Phone…

When your on the road Search Customer, Suppliers and Products. Sales and Product Performance, Check Price and availability for a client. Place an order on the run.

Ask about Peach Online and Trade Connect – The fully integrated B2B Online ordering system ready to go. Trade 24/7/365 Now!

Peach API

Integrate seamlessly to All your online Sales Channels including NETO, SHOPIFY, EBAY

Integration to External Accounting

Although Peach satisfies all your accounting needs you can choose to stay with MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks if that suits you better

Integrated Oscar Catalogue from AutoInfo