Stocktaking in Peach Software can be done using Various methods

Stocktake in Peach Inventory Software

You can Print a Count Sheet and Display the Stocktake Screen with the same filters and in the same order so Calling and finding parts is a think of the past. Count by Area, Bin Location, Supplier or even Group, Subgroup or a combination of any of these filters. Alternatively you can import a stocktake from a simple CSV File with Barcode or Part and the Count Qty. If you really want to make it fun check out our Paperless Alternative. Either way give us a call and we can guide you to the solution that best fits your business.

Due to Obsolescence, Damage, Charity or losses you may want to write off some of your stock. If you are using General Ledger here is the way you can do it.

Peach Business Software makes it simple to identify dead or slow moving stock and re value it thus reducing your taxable profit.

Inventory on your balance sheet can make up a large portion of your profit, even dead stock. Good accounting practice is to write down the value of your dead or slow moving stock. Here is a great new feature from Peach V12 to make this task easier than ever


  1. Add to Count Dont Replace 2. Scan to Peach in Detail 3. Stocktake Reports