Peach Software has two Product Files. The first is your active file where you store your active products. The second is called the Reference file where your Supplier Files are Imported into.

When receiving a new or updated list of products from your suppliers, they probably have many more line items than you would ever use. So instead of importing them into your Active product file you can store these in your Reference file.

In the reference file you can now make changes using all the powerful Peach Software Editing tools to Update these products with the correct Supplier Codes, Group Codes, Subgroup Codes and Markup or Price Level Codes, so price enquiries will use your normal Peach Software discount Matrix’s.

If a supplier sends a Price update, import this into the reference file either Updating or replacing the existing products from that supplier, then run a simple routine to update the prices and details of Active products.

Now with a Box of new Tools your Reference file comes to life as a genuine and complete extension of the product file.

When a search result from Oscar refers to a part in your Reference file, til now, the challenge has been to present the customers correct net price based on their Price Level or Customer Matrix.

Because of this many of our clients would overpopulate their product file so they could have the products priced by the system.

No one disputes that the Reference File is a great way of having Suppliers Part files readily available, but pricing has been the challenge since Oscar and Peach Online started working together.

Problem now resolved – With the Combination of being able to import Supplier files with Groups, Subgroups and Prices A through F and Prices from the reference file now using the customer Matrix even before the product hits the main product file, you can now send all those inactive products back to the Reference file. Check out this Video or call for more information


The Tutorial coming Soon

Importing Products into the Reference file

There are two file formats when importing supplier files into the Reference file. These are either Part & Supplier Code (MfgCode) or Part & Branch

If you purchase products directly from your Individual Suppliers, then you will probably want to import using the Part / Supplier Code format. If you purchase from multiple suppliers through a distributor then you may want to use the Parts Code / Brand format as you may find that your Central supplier has duplicate parts from their multiple Suppliers.  So in our Reference file, you may end up with a duplicate part which is not the issue, but these duplicates may also have with the same (Central) Supplier code.

Update your product File from the Reference File

The Reference file should be where you save your supplier product Files. It can hold Hundreds of thousands of products from many suppliers. When Suppliers provide Updates with New products or Price changes, you can update and append to your reference file and then Update products in your active product file from the Reference file. Any products stored in the reference file can be accessed directly from any transaction screen, and if you have kept your reference file up to date and sorted with the required Groupings, Sell Prices and other details then you can be sure the information will come into your product file ready to Price up and Sell.