Peach Software continues to add features helping you to Control Inventory and Pricing to Maximise Revenue

  • Now you can set a maximum discount at the product level. If you prefer to do this by Group, Brand or Subgroup then simply open Product Browse, add your filters and bulk update with a Maximum discount percentage.

  • Some products are best sold by a pack Qty such as a Carton of 6 Cans of spray Paint when your wholesaling. This can now be enforced so Packing and sending is kept orderly and simple.

  • Qty Discounts for a Part, Product Group, Product Subgroup or even a Brand or combination of these can be automated and displayed in the Order, POS or Invoicing screen. Your sales people can easily see and promote these discounts to increase sales.

  • Sometimes you need to hide all your open screens quickly. The Home button provides for this by minimising the screens while keeping the content as is. Then simply click the required screen from the task bar to re open and get on with it.