1.1 Overview
The PEACH GL Export feature provided by Peach Software enables full accounting integration into MYOB, Quickbooks or Xero without any double entry. Many of our users, especially in rural areas found it difficult training and re-training casual bookkeepers to use Peach Software so we concluded that integration to these preferred accounting software applications provided many Peach Users with options. The export from Peach is done using a simple standalone program that the user runs on a regular basis. Daily tallied data, is exported within a date range selected by the user for any period.

Verify with your accountant your chart of accounts setup and methodology for cost of goods sold calculation. 3. While it is expected that Most MYOB versions will work, version 17, Version 19 Standard, Version 19 Premier and Accounting Right Plus 2012.9AU have been tested by Peach. If you are on a different version of MYOB please contact Peach