Is PeachV12 a Cloud Application? Your Choice !

A Cloud Application simply means that your Application and Data is being provided from a remote physical server somewhere on the Internet.

With PeachV12 you decide where you want your data. You can host your data within your operation or on a cloud server. If you prefer a cloud server then we would recommend an Australian Service so that Senior support people and scheduled maintenance is based on local time. Often with international sites their 24 Hour support is of a lower standard during our business hours , being their afterhours.

Either way, you can Operate & Print from any connected location in the World without Server Sessions or VPN's. Much more secure than other methods as no path to data is opened.

Cloud Servers Available

You have the choice of choosing your own Virtual Server provider or one that we have already made arrangements with. We have negotiated with this supplier for a realistic price. It will be a yearly invoice for between $590 and $1190 Inc. g.s.t. depending on the number of users required. We are not the providers and don't warrant or guarantee this service but have found the providers service and product to be reliable. The servers are based in Australia

The provider we use is VMCentral. You can check the product out at

Reliable Internet Connection

Understand that once your system is on a cloud server your internet connection becomes critical to running your business. Any internet failure will stop you from trading. You may want to consider the reliability of your internet provider and consider a Modem that can use a sim card in the event of a failure.