From Supplier Control – F5 Transactions, users will now be able to edit some information. Only finalised transactions can be edited. This means that unfinalised (original claim) RFC and Supplier Delivery Dockets cannot be edited.

The editible fields are:

Order Number Reference Salesman
Courier Con Note Cartons
Packed by Invoiced By Status
Priority Delivery Address Invoice Number

​​​​​​​Workshop Transactions – Zero Stock item. (389668357)
Items that are ticked Zero Stock (in Product Control) now behave correctly in Workshop Transactions. Previously, they would go negative (or deplete)

Error Message: Peach is Running Slow (330011918)
The error has been removed or re-worded.

Auto-generate Barcode when adding Part from Reference File (458910703)
In some situations, customers would see a 301, Request Not Processed error when attempting to add a part from Reference File and have V12 generate a barcode. We have addressed this and now when adding from Reference file, and auto-generate barcode enabled, the system will process correctly.

Cashout Password (458911691)
Customers can now have V12 request the v12 sign in password when processing cashout.

Stocktake Screen: Add to Count (483346145)
Users can now tick Add to Count from the Stocktake screen in V12.

Customer Order: Exploding Kits (491251856)
In some cases, when a user would explode a kit, the Price would change to what seemed like a random dollar figure on each line. This has been resolved now.

POS: Stop Credit (515830425)
An issue allowing customers to invoice quotes for Credit Warnings has been resolved.

Product Reorder Report (517280809)
The Product Reorder report had the incorrect column reference for BackOrdQty; it was displaying the Value instead. This has been fixed in this update.

Retreiving GST-Free Transactions (545329785)
When retrieving a GST-Free transaction, the Total would be reduced by the GST amount (10%). This has been resolved in this update.

Supplier Orders – Zero QTY on Update (553746283)
When updating a Supplier Order, if the QTY is 0 on a line, it will be removed​​​​​​​ from the order.

Customer PriceAs on Fly Creation (549760807)
When adding a customer on the fly, the PriceAs field was not correctly converting the value to uppercase. This has been fixed now.

Transaction Monitor – Bulk Print (562482671)
Customer may have received an error when setting the Printed/Picked options in Transaction Monitor. This has been fixed now.

Super Duper Search!

Super Duper Search Screen ​​​​​(564135240)
Headers can now be sorted, and the day range has been extended (569861094)
The search screen now also has the option to reset the layout back to default.
The column movements have been improved.
When searching for Contacts, there are now options to show/hide Customer/Supplier and Sales/Account contacts.

Quote counter added (565749612)
The Quote Counter has been added to the Counters tab. Setup Options – Counters (at the bottom of the list):

​​​​​​​Product Control – F5 Transactions: Added Pbstrans.reference (567395343)
PBSTRANS.Reference will now be visible in the F5 Transactions grid of Product Control for all transactions except Stocktake, where stktrans.refnote will be displayed instead.

GL Control: Page Navigation (567384476)
The page navigation in GL Control – F5 Transactions has been resolved.

Masked Salesman Passwords (565956521)
This update hides Salesman passwords for users. There’s an option to show the password if the user is _ADMIN or has Administrator ticked in Setup Upsetters.

Restrict Till Totals for Csgn Areas (337385830)
From Manage User Profiles, customers can tick Restrict for Till Totals – Change Branch Area. When this is ticked, that user will be locked down to only view Till Totals from their allocated warehouse (LOCAL WH)

Freight Includes GST option (494299783)
This option (Setup Options – POS, Freight includes GST) is now being acknowledged in V12.

POS: Enter Total as 25T and QTY is calculated (363428594)
Click the link for more details.

Workshop Quote: Unable to Print (420170142)
Cluck the blue heading above for more information on this.

​​​​​​​Packsize and BackOrders (569758112)
An issue with Supplier Backorders and Packsize has been resolved.

Freight: Enter 10-/+ to denote Ex/Inc GST (571450769)
Users can now enter – or + at the end of Freight and it’ll subtract or add GST.

Supplier Control: Edit Transction in F5 (555434870)
Transaction information can now be edited in Supplier Control.

​​​​​​​Multiple Instances of the Same Kit (552028658)
An issue that impacted the Kit Build QTY when selling multiple kits (the same kit on multiple stktrans lines) has been resolved.

Recalling Workshop Quote (571437621)
When recalling and updating workshop quotes, pbstrans was removed. This has now been addressed. Retrieving and updating Workshop quotes behaves correctly now.