Peach Software Clients receive unlimited free Remote Support via Email or Telephone.

Peach Software is forever developing and evolving, adding new functionality and Improving on existing ones.

Quality of support should be high on the list of priorities when choosing your Business Software System.

We don’t claim to be perfect but we do claim to have a knowledgeable, accessible and friendly support team.

Our Support and Development teams are in Australia.

This means our operating hours are the same as yours and we have a good understanding of local methods and rules.

Our support team and developers share the same office. This becomes an advantage when either a critical problem arises or

an important change or addition is needed.

Requests for Changes or New Features

We often receive requests to add a function or to change the way an existing function works. We can in most cases accommodate this.

We do sometimes charge for these requests but if we see that it’s a feature that most of our existing clients would benefit from and can schedule it as we can, then we will consider making the change at no or little cost to you.

We reserve the right to choose not to adopt changes as we see fit.