Ongoing Development, Billing, Support & Service

  • When you choose Peach Software, after the initial costs, there's a monthly licensing fee. In return you will continue to receive unlimited Support & Updates.
  • Updates: Around half of our gross income goes towards R & D ensuring that your Investment continues to yield a return for your business by way of Features & Performance.
  • Support: All Phone, Email and Remote support is free to licensed users during business hours and emergency support after hours as required. If you require On Site Coaching later on, then this is available & can be negotiated.
  • Phone Support – Talk to a person don't take a number! A local number is provided in most capital cities in Australia, so you can simply ring and ask a question. One of our team members will give you an immediate answer most of the time. Occasionally we do get busy though, so sometimes you will be asked to leave a message. We will always be there to get back to you though.
  • Remote Control – Don't get frustrated with vague instructions! When the job gets a little harder we can simply jump onto your screen and step through your query to get a good understanding of what you really want
  • Email Support – The convenience of asking and getting on with it! If your enquiry is not urgent then feel free to send an email to our support desk. If it's during business hours, you should get a response in no time at all which you can act on when you are ready