100 Features You Need in your Inventory Management Software.

Peach Business Software has been servicing the Australian Market for over 30 Years. We have over 500 companies around Australia using our software. Peach inventory Management Software is Developed and supported in Australia.

Inventory Management Man with TelephoneFeature No 1 – Customer Backorders

Selectable Customer by Customer. Create an invoice and short supplies go into backorder. Once the goods arrive Automatically Convert Backorders for goods now in stock back into Picking Slips, Pick and dispatch.

inventory Management Software Box of ProductsFeature No 2 – Pack Size Conversion…

Purchase & Sell in different measures.

Example – Purchase Hydraulic Hose in a 200 Mtr rolls. Stock and sell in 20 Meter rolls without thinking about it. Costs, Selling prices and reorders are all handled automatically. More Features

inventory Management Software Truck of Parts Feature No 3 – Barcode Scanning

Receipt, Count, Move, Pick, Pack and Sell products using Barcode Scanners to speed up your operation and increase inventory accuracy. More Features

inventory Management List of Alternates Feature No 4 – Alternates and Crossovers

Our Inventory Management Software caters for Alternates, Crossovers and Supersessions..

Set up Alternates to offer a customers a choice of Quality. Set Up Alternates to accommodate numerous suppliers for the same Items. Crossover Item Numbers and Barcodes to simplify everything from Purchasing to Selling. More Information

inventory Management Software Checkout Feature No 5 – Contract Pricing

Automatically Price your entire system using Groups, Subgroups, Customer, Customer Group, Qty’s and more. A business that turns just 1 million per year can pay for this software in 12 months by saving 1% on their GP. Let us show you how. Learn More

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