Peach Software provides the Invoice screen for Wholesale type businesses (ex gst). The Invoice Screen is Intuitive, Fast and one click from all the information you need about the Customer, Product and even Sales history. For those companies using the Invoice Screen, many would start with a Customer Order either from the Customer Order Screen, Peach Online, Trade connect or an integrated Web Site.

Using Barcode Scanners will Speed up Selling, Counting and even Receiving stock, while keeping your inventory Accurate.

Some tasks such as receiving, can be done by in experienced staff since identifying products correctly is no longer an issue.

Releasing Backorders has never been easier

After receiving your deliveries, Simply display Backorders in the Convert Backorder to Packing Slip screen. Select the Backorders you wish to release by Customer, Pack Slip or Customer Order No and Tick then Process. Once you have processed your more urgent customers simply refresh the view and process the next in line. Keep going until you have dispatched all possible Backorders based on available stock.

Should I use the Simpler method of Diminishing Customer Orders or Go for the full Backorder System?

A Couple of Tips

When you open the Invoice screen simply type the start of the customers codes, or any word in the business name, and the search box will appear with your selection. Simply select the desired customer and the details will load. You can then start filling in all the details or simply hit F4 to go directly to the parts grid and start entering parts.

Note: At any time you can also change the customer or add a new customer on the fly. Pricing of any of the loaded parts will be adjusted according to the new customers pricing matrix
Note: Check out the ways to apply a discount in the video…  X= Current Cost so X50 means Cost plus a 50% Markup  A50 would mean price A less 50% as A is normally a selling price.
Note: If your product prices include GST you should be using the POS Screen instead.
Note: Cash Sales can be done from the Invoice Screen also

Peach PDA

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Scan 4 Invoicing

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