Peach Software provides the Invoice screen for Wholesale type businesses (ex gst). The Invoice Screen is Intuitive, Fast and one click from all the information you need about the Customer, Product and even Sales history. For those companies using the Invoice Screen, many would start with a Customer Order either from the Customer Order Screen, Peach Online, Trade connect or an integrated Web Site.

Using Barcode Scanners will Speed up Selling, Counting and even Receiving stock, while keeping your inventory Accurate.

Some tasks such as receiving, can be done by in experienced staff since identifying products correctly is no longer an issue.

Releasing Backorders has never been easier

After receiving your deliveries, Simply display Backorders in the Convert Backorder to Packing Slip screen. Select the Backorders you wish to release by Customer, Pack Slip or Customer Order No and Tick then Process. Once you have processed your more urgent customers simply refresh the view and process the next in line. Keep going until you have dispatched all possible Backorders based on available stock.

Should I use the Simpler method of Diminishing Customer Orders or Go for the full Backorder System?

This all new screen keeps you informed and automatically updates every minute. From it you can view and edit Invoices, Orders, Quotes and even Online Open Orders. You can Couriers on the fly, Priority and Order Status. Filter the view and Print all or selected in a single action. Search and sort transactions by Customer Name, Customer Order No and Packing Slip No. This is a great addition to Peach V12 for any business regardless of being a Wholesaler, Retailer Manufacturer or Importer.

Customer Special Pricing – Overview

Peach Software has many ways to achieve the most flexible pricing for each customer or group of customers.

Notable methods include but lot limited too: Markup (% on Cost) Price Level (Discount off List) Net (Set price per product)

The various ways that these methods are applied can be attached to keys such as the Product Part, Group, Sub Group, Supplier, Category, Qty, Date Range and so on. Although there are so many systems out there with many variations there have not been many times where we have not been able to Mimic and simplify existing methods when converting other software systems to Peach Software.

Ever wondered about Sales your missing out on?Every Short Supply is a missed opportunity so you should know about them. Then there is the ones that get away because of pricing or some other reason. Here is how Peach keeps you informed…

Check out our Quick Guide to research more feature information

Our Quick Guide page has all the Information and Tutorial links that are available.

Editable Payment Methods in Peach Software

Account and Cash sales can be done in either our POS or Invoice screens. Either way, this new feature allows you to edit the payment methods available to your staff. Once set up, the associated till summary and POS reports will comply, separating out your takings accordingly.

Order Fulfilment Screen

While Customer Orders are the life blood of your enterprise, the old way of printing and hanging them on a clip board to be packed and shipped have long faded. These days orders can populate into your system from multiple sales channels and unless you are running our Peach Software dedicated Backorder system, they could be hanging around for some time waiting for enough stock to satisfy them. Who has time to continually go through all your outstanding customer orders, one by one, to ensure those that can be shipped, Are!

If your one of our POS screen users you don't have the luxury of being able to use our Backorder facility, so we thought this needed a solution.

The benefit of our Backorder system was that it offered another status, so customer orders waiting for a supplier delivery, would not be consolidated with new orders coming in, so on that note we have now provided a way of filtering orders that can be delivered in an interactive Fulfilment screen to take the guess work out of What can be dispatched to whom and when without unintentionally jeopardising another order in the system

This screen is a Cracker for any POS user or Wholesalers that have not adopted the Backorder system.

A Couple of Tips

When you open the Invoice screen simply type the start of the customers codes, or any word in the business name, and the search box will appear with your selection. Simply select the desired customer and the details will load. You can then start filling in all the details or simply hit F4 to go directly to the parts grid and start entering parts.

Note: At any time you can also change the customer or add a new customer on the fly. Pricing of any of the loaded parts will be adjusted according to the new customers pricing matrix
Note: Check out the ways to apply a discount in the video… X= Current Cost so X50 means Cost plus a 50% Markup A50 would mean price A less 50% as A is normally a selling price.
Note: If your product prices include GST you should be using the POS Screen instead.
Note: Cash Sales can be done from the Invoice Screen also

New Peach Paperless Warehousing





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Scan – Pick & Pack

Scan – Move Location

Scan – Stocktaking